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Your Horoscope for the nodes in Aries and Libra

The lunar nodes are two points in space that are calculated depending on the positions of the sun and moon.

These points are in complete opposition of each other, explaining why eclipse happen every six months, when the full moon takes place on one of the nodes.

The last two-ish years the nodes have been in Taurus and Scorpio on Monday July 17th they shifted to Aries and Libra.

The next 18 months we will see a lot more fire in the collective - ambition, drive and attention on the self, all gifts from the north node in Aries.

We are also being asked to relinquish the beauty standards and rituals that have overstayed their welcome.

We will see these shifts in our personal lives as well as in the collective field.

I've channeled a reading for each sign based on the rising as that points to the area of your birth chart that this transit is highlighting.

If you don't know Your Rising sign, get a feee birth chart at Astro all you need is birth time, date and place.

♈️ Aries Rising

North Node in Aries

This transit has come to tell you it is time to examine your believes and change them if they do not nurture your highest potential.

How are old, outworn, unhealthy, thoughts undermining your life, your energy, your happiness?

Do you believe what other people think and or say about you?

Are you still running the tape of negative messages your parents or caregivers passed down to you when you were a child?

Do you allow what society says to be your truth?

Do you believe the worst about yourself?

What about the best?

Are your beliefs too rigid to permit and support your evolution?

We all are born with a story.

It is our choice whether we want to leave the story we were born with or create one that nourishes all we want to be.

Your gift during this transit is to see all parts of yourself, both the dark and light, and choose your beliefs to serve your highest self.

South Node in Libra

Your invitation during this transit is to ignite yourself with inspiration.

Are you feeling a lack of direction?

Do you feel like you have no motivation?

Are you struggling with your energy?

How’s your path got out of focus?

Do you feel like your life has become unclear?

Life, without the fire of inspiration is dull. Your invitation during this transit is to allow inspiration to nurture your life so you can become sharper, clearer, and more energetic.

♉️Taurus Rising

North Node in Aries

You will not pass until you respond to the challenge of this transit.

You are being asked to meet a challenge and prosper in all aspects of your being.

You can let yourself get torn down by a challenge or kicked or pounded or defeated.

Or you can rise up to the challenge and use its energy to Nurture yourself.

Have you been running from challenges all your life and now find you haven’t developed the energy or power to face them?

Perhaps it’s easier to ignore discomfort and go on with self-limiting behaviors.

Or maybe you feel that life is all messed up.

Your invitation is to meet your challenges, face to face during this transit.

South Node in Libra

You are being asked to remember and honor your sensuality. Wholeness is nourished by focusing your attention, and time on your body, respecting and give you play to your senses and your sensuality.

This transit is here to tell you it is time to connect with your senses and allow them to lead.

♊️ Gemini Rising

North Node in Aries

Your invitation during this transit to get in touch with the wild essence within.

It is time to reconnect with the natural, the primal, the instinctual parts of you.

It is most important for you to learn to integrate your wild essence, because an un integrated wild essence, creates self destructive behaviors.

There is wildness that needs to be expressed you choose whether to expressive creatively or destructively.

South Node in Libra

It is time to surrender.

Are you Kerri more than you can handle comfortably?

Do you think you must do it all by yourself?

Have you come up against the wall and feel the only way to get to the other side is by breaking through?

Surrender does it mean giving up rather you were giving over asking for assistance so you can do what you want to do.

Wholeness is nurtured when you realize that the only way through some situations is to surrender and open to something greater.

The act of surrendering is one of opening and trust. When we open and trust, we allow source energy to work with us to achieve what we need.

♋️ Cancer Rising

North Node in Aries

This transit brings the message of personal growth. It is time to open to things in your life that facilitate growth, development and evolution.

Is there a class or workshop you’ve been wondering if you should take?

Have you just gone through a period of stagnation and lethargy where nothing seemed to be happening?

Now is the time of growth.

The stretching promotes your growth.

Embrace experiences, risk, and occasions that cause you to stretch.

South Node in Libra

It is time for mothering.

Have you been giving all of your mother in energy away without keeping some for yourself?

Do you feel that something needs extra care but you aren’t up for it?

Have you taken up a new project a Birth something into existence?

It is important to get the mother and you need in order to heal past wounds.

There is an invitation here to reparent yourself so you can stop seeking that outside of you.

♌️ Leo Rising

North Node in Aries

This transit is here to tell you to bask in the radiance of your own beauty.

Do you know your unique beauty or do you feel you can’t be beautiful because you don’t look like a model or movie star?

Are you in your crown years and feel that age is ugly?

Have you gained some weight and can’t see beauty?

Perhaps you’re afraid to express your beauty afraid that you will attract unwanted energies?

The invitation during this transit is to celebrate all of your aspects and parts, and realize that you are beautiful just as you are at this moment.

South Node in Libra

Have you been feeling tired?

Do you feel like life and all of its demands exhaust you?

Do you keep giving your energy your vitality without taking in recharging and revitalizing?

We are constantly preoccupied about making sure that our phone is charged. What about our energy?

Are you checking in to ensure that you are not running on 2%?

There is abundant energy available for you.

All you need to do is learn to connect with it.

♍️ Virgo Rising

North Node in Aries

The invitation during this transit is learning to shape shift, to enhance your flexibility, beginning the perspective of other forms.

It is time to expand your awareness.

To experience the whole of creation.

South Node in Libra

Are you in a situation that seems unfair, unjust and unreasonable?

Have you use integrity yet another or others have not and now you are wounded and seek justice?

Perhaps your standards are so rigid that you find them impossible to meet and continually need to rebel?

Now is the time to look at your life and invite justice in. Now is the time to repay all debts to strike a fair and reasonable balance in all of your dealings. You’ve been invited to accept the loving nature of justice, which seeks to write all wrongs by administering the lessons needed.

♎️ Libra Rising

North Node in Aries

This transit is inviting you to make a choice.

Times of choice are not easy times.

The challenges presented by choice require a leap of faith from the person doing the choosing.

Let go of the idea that there are wrong or right choices. There is just choice.

That is your gift during this transit to let go of the overwhelming fear, and recognize that whatever door you choose, is leading, you exactly where you need to be.

South Node in Libra

The transit is swimming into your life to tell you to stop being a victim. To recognize how you’ve been caught up in and are living the victim archetype then to change the pattern by empowering yourself.

Are you fond of saying why is this happening to me?

Do you get stuck in the why?

Look for realistically at what you are creating, then work to change it

Do you feel your needs are too insignificant to negotiate?

Does everyone in your life seem to take advantage of you?

Your way to wholeness, lies in recognizing when you are playing the victim and stopping it.

♏️ Scorpio Rising

North Node in Aries

Change is calling, beckoning, and camping out on your doorstep.

The way to wholeness for you, lies and embracing change.

Have you been too busy, too stressed to attend to the changes needed in your life to nurture yourself

Is change, so fearful of concept that you push it aside, play hide and seek with it or just ignore it?

Have you arranged your life so perfectly that there is no room left for potential?

Time for a change.

Time to sweep out, sweep up and be swept away.

Perhaps you are in the mist of change and having trouble with it.

Resistance to change things brings more persistent change. Choosing to dance with change means you will flow with it and allow the rushing waters to gift you what they offer.

South Node in Libra

Have you been planning every aspect of your life and left no room for mystery?

Is your life wind up too tight?

Are you trying to make everything safe by defining it,  labeling it, and knowing it all?

Give away to the mystery of the unknowable.

Trust that the mystery you let in will be exactly what you need for your journey to wholeness.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising

North Node in Aries

This transit is here to assist you in honoring your sexuality.

It is time to connect with your vital, primal, spiritual, regenerating, energy, and express, it whether or not you have a partner.

It’s about being fully present in your body.

Not just the shoulders or head, but the clitoris, anus, breast, feet, it’s all about allowing yourself to feel vibrant, electric energy in your solar and sacral chakra and using that energy to animate your being.

South Node in Libra

It is time to face your anger.

Your anger is blocking you from connecting with your most vital energy.

Do you feel your anger because you were taught anger was it nice? Or that expressing anger is ugly?

Have you were press or disconnected from it so much that you don’t know how to express it now?

Perhaps you’ve gone beyond Inger to rage. Rage is accumulated Inger gone out of control, left on integrated.

. Rage is the feral version of anger.

Learn to transform it, so it empowers and energize you. Your invitation during this transit is to make anger your ally.

♑️ Capricorn Rising

North Node in Aries

Your invitation during this transit is to go within and strengthen your center by focusing your awareness on what disrupts you so that you can be the eye of the storm and not let chaos affect your calmness.

Let the turmoil of life go on without you. It is hard to hear your own voice in the mist of the frenzy of life. Go into the quiet when you return, you will be stronger and more capable of dancing with what life has to offer.

South Node in Libra

This transits shows a moment of death and rebirth.

Something is dying and  needs to let go of, so something new can be reborn.

To live fully and wholeness, we need to accept life and all of its forms which includes death and rebirth. Let go of what does not serve you and your wholeness.

♒️Aquarius Rising

North Node in Aries

This transit is telling you it is time to focus on creating supportive and nurturing relationships.

Relating to others, enables you to look at parts of yourself that you don’t ordinarily  see.

Relationships are the mirror in which you can see who you really are. Wholeness is nourished when you see who you really are, accept what you see, and strive to heal what needs to be healed.

Are you in a relationship that presses all of your buttons?

Does it bring up all of your issues leaving you feeling like you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

If both or all of you are committed to doing the work, willing to accept your piece, your responsibility this could be a gold mind. If this is not the case, then it could be time to gather your strength, lick your wounds and move on.

Better, communication or acceptance could help the relationship. If you are contemplating a relationship this is the time to open and engage.

South Node in Libra

You are being alerted of a betrayal.

How is betrayal showing up in your life?

Do you have trouble picking trustworthy, friends, partners, coworkers? Does all of your care, consideration, and loyalty meet with treachery and betrayal?

Have you misled someone so that you could get what you wanted?

This transit is supporting you, and answering the question of how have I betrayed myself for all betrayal stems from self betrayal.

♓️ Pisces Rising

North Node in Aries

Now is the time to open to new experiences, people, places, and things. Now is the time to be, can you project, forge me directions, venture out boldly.

The universe invites you to come out and play.

Perhaps you’ve had to contract your energy to deal with a wounding, a grieving or an ending.

Or you haven’t felt it was safe to open up.

You may have needed a time of seclusion, sorting out and focusing inward.

It is time to nurture by integrating with the stretching, expanding, and opening, will bring into your life.

South Node in Libra

What are you taking inside that should remain outside?

How are you not protecting yourself, your life and your time?

This transit is here to support you in nurturing, wholeness by creating and fixing the limits of your personal space.

Establishing clear boundaries is an act of self-love. Having no boundaries gives others the message that you are limitless and want to be treated in a limitless way.

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