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The seasons of life, the cycles. 

They are never ending, we are always growing, changing and expanding.

That is the beautiful gift we are given as spirits in this physical body we call home.

Returning home to self, is a sacred journey, one where we are often in the dark guided by a subtle light, shivering and asking for warmth. The darkness right before the dawn, teaches us to surrender to our own wisdom, to let go and receive. 

Andrea Escobar Logreira 

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From mental health patient to intuitive medium psychic 

October 2015

I wanted to share my experience of getting off pharmaceuticals & how I was managing my mental illness holistically. I felt like I owed it to 18 year old me.

I created a blog and started to share my day to day life until I had someone from high school who I didn’t know reach out, and share that she was experiencing a lot of what I had prior to getting off pharmaceuticals.

I felt her pain, I shared with her some of the resources that helped me. My guidance counselor called my mom a week later, mentioned that the girl that had reached out, was not in a good mental state, that I needed to stop talking to her, rethink the content I was sharing. She told my mom that I was talking out of my field.

I felt an immense amount of guilt and shame. I felt like I had done something wrong for speaking my truth. This triggered the same guilt and responsibility I felt for my parents divorce and I wouldn’t see the connection for another year or so.

I struggled with that. I stopped writing. I shut down a part of myself out of fear.

That was the end of my "blog".

December 2015

I wrote a list with a friend of everything I wanted to call in the following year.

The list had a new job that was aligned with my souls purpose. 

Move somewhere new.

2016 would be a year of transformation

2017 would break me, wide open. 

February 2016

I was planning a trip with a friend to Colombia when the universe interjected with new plans.

I heard this voice say, share your story.

I started blogging again only this time I hid behind food blogging. I loved to cook so it seemed like a natural fit.

I had been blogging for a month when I went to my first food blogging conference, I didn’t know anything about SEO, page views or how to get my work seen. The only thing I knew was I wanted to give people hope, I wanted them to feel like there were other options.

I felt like I was the hope I needed when I was first diagnosed. 

Yet a part of me was scared to share my truth. I was scared of repeating the same thing that had happened when I first started talking about my journey within mental illness.

After the conference I came home to Panama, told my mom that I would be moving back to the states the following year to pursue my blog.

January 2017 I moved to New Mexico, I was people pleasing and focusing on what others wanted.

April 2017 I was drugged and taken advantage of.

June 2017 I discovered plant medicine, meditation and yoga. My old boss gave me the book  “the secret” and the synchronicities escalated.

August 2017 on a weekend trip to Colorado I found my home & vowed to move there next summer.

April 2018

I signed up for manifestation babe academy.

May 2018

I quit my day job, moved to Colorado and I realized that I didn’t want to write about food anymore, I wanted to share how cannabis had helped me reconnect with aspects of myself I thought had died long ago.

I felt like I was outgrowing that chapter of my life, I didn’t know where to go next.

Fear kept me food blogging and doing jobs that didn’t light my soul up.

June 2018
Every single job I had secured prior to moving to Colorado dropped out, I was being pushed to do something more. 

My savings were no longer existent, and I needed to make money quick. I was still paying for manifestation babe, my car needed a new radiator and I needed to pay rent.

Basically the universe was rock bottoming me, showing me where I was out of alignment.

I was asleep & couldn’t recognize the messages and signs.

I started working for Hello Fresh mid June.

That summer I felt lonelier than I had felt in a long time.

For the first time in my life instead of looking for people to fill that void, I turned to nature.

I found a sense of confidence that I thought I had lost long ago, I reignited the fire within me and felt the call to release all the externals and withdraw internally. 

Books, podcast and interviews that nurtured this new found part of me started to make their way to me. I started to connect with more like minded souls.

August 2018

My spiritual and energetic gifts were opening up and I was constantly being contacted by spirits of other realms to relay messages to their loves ones on earth.

There was a deep soul connection, yet fear kept me from fully embracing my gifts.

February 2019 I finally stopped blogging and realized I was holding on out of fear. I hired an intuitive business coach and signed up for a year long mastermind that cost 10k. That opened me up to connecting with different healers that further helped me on my spiritual path. The universe was providing the guidance that I longed for.

October 2019 during a trip to lake placid, I was kicked out of the spiritual nest, channeling left and right, I was connecting with different realms on a daily basis. The universe was speaking clearly, letting me know it was time.

People started to contact me asking for readings, I would meet people on the street and relay messages from their guides.

Fast forward to May 2020, I heard a voice tell me it was time to quit my day job and take my intuitive readings to the next level. I said goodby to Hello Fresh, and once again jumped off a cliff. 

People started reaching out for readings, word of mouth spread which was amazing and confirmed that I was on the right path.

When we are out of alignment the universe will create earthquakes to knock us back on our path, thunderstorms will cleanse us of what we no longer need, while the sun showers us with radiance to return home to ourselves. 

As a intuitive medium, I tap into messages I receives from spiritual realms. I offer support after major life transitions, traumas or when needing closure after loss. I provide thoughtful guidance on how to navigate through life and connect with your souls wisdom. 

Each reading provides you with sacred guidance along your path home to your sacred self.

To book a session with me please follow this link for availabilities.

Readings are administered via Zoom or FaceTime. If you are in the Denver area, there may be an opportunity for a face to face session if preferred.

Currently we only accept payment via Paypal. To cancel or modify a booking, our policy requires a 48 hour notice. There is no refunds in the event of last minute cancellations.

We are located in Colorado, please double check the time of your booking.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your particular needs, feel free to get in touch via email:

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