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“Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them”

Debbie Ford

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Intuitive Offerings

Are you wondering if you’re on the right path? 

Do you need clarity on some areas of your life— or all of it?

We all have the answers we seek inside of us, everything we’ve been searching for, the clarity that we are seeking. Our intuition can lead us to our next step. 

We have the ability to know what it is that we need in every moment. We all do. It takes practice, trust and awareness.

Are you looking to create positive change?

Do you feel stuck? Are you seeking clarity in your job, relationships or purpose?

Do you feel like you are ready to make a leap yet don’t have clarity around the steps afterwards?

Are you going through a transition and feel lost as to how to navigate the uncertainty? 

I am here to help you access the wisdom within you that gives you clarity.  It takes vulnerability, willingness and trust. 

Career, relationships, life transition, whatever is on your end, bring it. 

Do you want to know what is blocking you from what you truly want. 

I work alongside my guides, who connects me with different realms and spirits so I can relay massages back to earth. 

My intention is to reconnect you to your energetic gifts and intuitive wisdom. 

I don’t personally believe in future prediction as I believe we have free will and can alter the course of events laid out in front of us. I believe we are co creating with the universe to return home to our whole authentic self. 

The journey home is the remembering of who we were prior to all the conditioning we picked up in this lifetime. 

If there are no sessions available, please email to be added to the sessions waitlist* 

Sessions can be over Zoom or FaceTime 

ALL session purchases are final. No refunds permitted. 

There is a 25% rescheduling fee. 

YOU can pay via PayPal or Venmo at this time. 

Venmo @followourpassion Andrea Escobar 

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