Lynnea Tai

Andrea has helped me find the tools to believe in myself, especially when I can’t see it myself or am feeling stuck. Any time I’ve worked with Andrea, she is always such a clear channel for me. When I am struggling, she helps me unlock things by simply guiding me with questions or exercises. 

Whenever Andrea and I work together, I know that I can trust our guides to point us in the right direction. She helped me quit my energy sucking full time job and jump off the ledge to doing my own business full time.That was over a year and a half ago and my income was more last year than at my full time job, during a pandemic. 🤗

I like working with Andrea because she is straight forward with me and isn’t just telling me what I want to hear. She is always someone I will come back to for guidance at any point in my career or life. If you are truly looking to up level and step in to the next version of yourself, then schedule a session with Andrea. 

Foggy Waters

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