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Coming Home To Self Podcast 

Join Andrea Escobar Logreira and her cohost of the week for heart centered, vulnerable, raw and impactful conversations.

Each week we dive deep into topics like inner child healing, spirituality, internal family systems, origin stories and wounds, reprogramming the subconscious mind, creating safety, boundaries, astrology, human design, manifestation, aliens connecting with our intuition and self development.

With each episode our intention and mission is to provide you with real life stories, that expand what you think is possible, that challenge your thinking and feel like you're talking to a a new and old friend all at the same times. 

Andrea is honest, messy, real, vulnerable and most of all hilarious. Andrea is committed to taking this journey of coming home to self together.

You'll get to experience her in real time, coaching her guest and cohost, sharing what the astrological transits are bringing up for the collective and leave with actionable steps to support your journey home.

Join us for a new episode every Monday, for moon Monday! 

Coming Home to Self Podcast: Welcome
Coming Home to Self Podcast: Feature
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