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Your Horoscope For Mercury enters Leo

Mercury the planet of communication, technology, mental processing has entered passionate, fixed Leo and we are in for a wild ride.

Leo energy is so interesting.

Its fixed.

It likes things to go the way it thinks it should.

It can be proud.

It can be childish.

I'm sharing th shadow side of the transit so you can see what the challenges and roadblocks this transit can offer us.

As always they are gift to bring us closer to our center.

I download and channel for the rising sign since the points to the area of your chart this transit is highlighting. If you don't know your rising you can pull up a free birth chart on Astro all you need is your birth time, date and place.

Don't know what time you were born? Book a birth chart reaidng with me, I channel your birth time to get an accurate rising sign for you.

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️ Aries Rising

Follow the Voice of Your Soul

Heed the messages coming directly from your soul.

There is a deeper purpose to your human journey. Not only were you born on purpose, you were born for a purpose. You were born to be a bright light in the world and there are supporters out there in the universe sending waves of energy to guide you at this time. Information - and inspiration - that has been coming your way recently is not new information, but memories. Your feelings of being drawn in a particular direction are the awakening of an aspect of your soul. You are being drawn towards a road that will not only light you up, but also help you light up your corner of the world. Continue following the

cosmic guidance that is coming your way.

️Taurus Rising

Make Plans and Focus

Have a plan or strategy in place before moving forward.

Taking some time to assess what your next steps will be. All great warriors have a plan. You are a sensitive being and if you are not prepared for the tasks you are taking on, you could end up feeling exposed and helpless. The ancestor guidance that is coming to you now is a reminder that vou have a warriot's heart and that you have it within you to be more prepared and focused than you have been recently. So, have a strategy in place and then let your guides support you as you move forward.

️ Gemini Rising

Unlock The Magic Within

Stop looking outside yourself and recognize that you have incredible power within.

You are the magick, you are the answer, you have it all within you. If you've been searching for an answer or a reason to focus, recognize that all that you are looking for is already within you. You are a powerful and magical person with the capacity to direct your intentions and will vour desires into being. But your power can only be powerful when you own it. So take time to acknowledge it. Your ability to dedicate yourself to a goal and make it happen is a real gift that you are being guided to.

️ Cancer Rising

Be Open to Healing Information

Listen to what is coming up within you and what is being shared with you by trustworthy others in your

life. Pay attention to healing information.

You are being exposed to information and insights that will have a dramatic healing effect upon your life. If you are working through something mentally or emotionally, know that there are spiritual energies supporting your healing. If you are working through something that is physically challenging, pay particular attention to information that's coming to you that feels inspired, insightful and warm - it will be supportive of your wellness. Your angels are here to remind you that your natural state is one of wholeness and you are on the road to revealing that wholeness once more.

️ Leo Rising

Choose Your Path

Connect with your deepest desires, then choose the

path that will make your heart and soul sing.

Your path isn't set in stone, and your angels and guides have no expectations for you. Nor should you have any for yourself. There are many directions vou can take. None of them are wrong, as they all hold perfect opportunities to grow and to learn. But life is to be enjoyed and savoured, so, if you know that there's a decision to be made, and particularly if you are feeling indecisive, choose the path you know is going to make you light up. And choose within your heart.

️ Virgo Rising

Trust Your Instincts

Trust the powerful animal spirit within to learn more about yourself and your talents.

You have a powerful animal within that can be wild, protective, instinctive and even calm. Animals don't second-guess how they feel, they just express it, and you can learn from that. When this card arises, it's important to connect with how you really feel,

how you want to feel and what you really need. Take the time to connect with your animal energy and express it naturally. Let even the fiercest energy move through you before returning to your natural state. It will teach you a lot about your gifts and how you can grow.

️ Libra Rising

Enjoy Success and Happiness

Know that doors are opening for you. Follow up new projects, ventures and ideas. Connect with the inner fire that is driving you forward.

You are being surrounded by the brightness of the Sun at this time. Opportunities to feel and be

successful are swirling and dancing around you. Relationships and friendships progress with joy and you will feel happy and uplifted. If you're not somewhere bright and sunny right now, there will be other ways in which you can enjoy warmth and joy. Solar energy brings health and vitality and can energize and warm, and it also encourages everything to grow. The energy of expansion is with you at this time and you are being offered the perfect opportunity to move forward. If you want to bring something to life or are ready to take a new step in a relationship, the Sun will bring the right energy to you. If you are asking a question, the answer is most definitely a yes.

️ Scorpio Rising

You Are Not Alone

Watch for signs and reminders from your angels and loved ones that they are close by. Remember they are working hard to guide you.

Everyone has a guardian angel who has been with them in all their past lifetimes and will be there in all the lifetimes to come. So know that you are never alone and never will be alone. This card is a huge reminder that there is always help and support available to you. Your guardian angel is with you now and is here to aid you in all of vour endeavours. In order to fully receive their support, first ask for it, then surrender to the process. Know that whatever unfolds will be for the highest good.

️ Sagittarius Rising

Track Down Your Fears and Desires

Track down all of your fearful thoughts and feelings.

When you find them, you will find your desires too.

Instead of being hunted down by your fears or other

feelings that you have buried, become the Hunter. You are being given confidence and strength at this time, so use your power to make a difference. You are not here to cower away or live in the shadows, you are here to realize your fullest potential, but this can only occur when you step up and do what needs to be done. When this card arises, there could be an opportunity to face an aspect of your past or bring

closure to a situation that has been haunting you. If you are a man or identify as male, this card represents your masculinity and an opportunity to

know yourself more deeply. If vou are a female or identify as female, this card represents your capacity to be strong and powerful and overcome limitations.

️ Capricorn Rising

Feel Loved and Comforted

Allow yourself to be cherished. Mother Earth is protecting you with a shield of love and light.

You may have felt overwhelmed or out of control emotionally recently, but you are now moving back to your natural centre and that will bring you to a place of clarity and openness. If you have felt ungrounded, know that Mother Earth is here to root you and help you regain your sense of strength. You may not feel like a child, but in the eyes of the divine you are a child of light and it's important you know

that and feel loved. If you have had challenges with your mother or with being a mother yourself, know that the energies of mother healing are with you to help clear any ancestral blockages that are preventing you from making this sacted love connection. You are being

guided to make choices that are based on love.

️Aquarius Rising

See Beyond Current Situations

Look beyond your current situation. Raise your vibration and focus on love.

Clairvoyance isn't just about predicting the future, it's about being able to see clearly enough create your best future. You are being encouraged by your ancestral guides and angels to see beyond what you think is happening now. Don't allow your ego or doubts to play games with you. Instead of seeing yourself as stuck or lost, know you're in an energetic holding space while the universe recalibrates a path that is more favourable for you. Angels of light are upgrading your energy so your experiences can be more enjoyable. You are moving towards something extremely uplifting and enlightening, so stay calm and keep your eye on the prize.

️ Pisces Rising

Retreat and Recharge

Take time to rest and recuperate in order to continue your growth. Benefit from the information that will come directly from your heart space.

You have been working hard and giving your all to your current situation and it may become draining and detrimental to your development unless you retreat and recharge your energies. So you are being guided to take a step back at this time. If you are working on bringing something together, your over- involvement could impede the process, so retreat and breathe. If you have something to say or do that could have a larger impact on your life, spend some time in deep thought - even contemplation - before moving forward. Often when we rush in, we don't see how destructive our actions can be. So meditate and listen to your soul's wisdom' before proceeding


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