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Weekly Energy Forecast 🔮

Isis has appeared to let us know it is time for mothering.

Time to be the mother we seek in others.

Time to be our own mother.

Have you been giving all your mother in energy away without keeping some for yourself?

Have you taken on a new project or just had a new baby?

Do you feel that something needs extra mothering but you aren’t up for it?

Did your own mother or caregiver give you the mothering that you needed?

Isis says that it is important to get the mothering you need in order to heal past wounds.

Isis is here to remind you of this.

Bast bats at you with her paw to urge you to come and play with her. It is time to divert yourself with something that is amusing, fun, and totally recreational.

What does play mean to you?

Has played been a little priority for you?

Do you know how to play?

Do you feel you must earn play?

There’s an invitation in learning to work with Shakti: the divine, cosmic, orgasmic, Goddess energy.

Have you been feeling tired?

Does life and all its demands exhaust you?

Do you keep giving your energy, your vitality, without taking in, recharging, revitalizing?

Perhaps there is something you want to manifest but you don’t feel you have enough energy to do it.

Shakti is here to remind us that there is abundant energy available for us all!

The invitation here is to learn how to connect with it.

Oshun appears seductively in your life and controls you into remembering and honoring your sensuality.

Wholeness is nourished by focusing your attention, and time on your body, respecting and giving play to your senses and your sensuality.

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