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Pluto is Re-entering Capricorn | What This Means for You

Pluto the planet of transformation, is currently retrograde in Aquarius and entering Capricorn on June 11th.

Pluto transforms everything in its orbit, one of its magical gifts is offering us the space to learn from disruption and commit to new changes.

♈️ Aries Rising

You need to be more aware of the physical, mental or emotional sacrifices that are, or will becoming involved in the present situation. You may need to seek a cause worthy of your efforts and sacrifice. You are being given this time to heal.

♉️Taurus Rising

You need to be a part of the implementation of a new business idea.

The old system is no longer working and you are being asked to implement something new. Speak seriously, and only if you have something to say.

Be aware of being preoccupied with gain and possession.

♊️ Gemini Rising

You need to experience what competition really means and requires.

Respect your opponent, yet stand up for your viewpoint.

Refuse to be a victim. Fight the tendency towards frustration, anger, hate, and prejudice.

Notice where you are projecting versus sitting with the discomfort.

♋️ Cancer Rising

You need to be recognized as a strong, imposing figure of unquestioned achievement in authority. This season is allowing you to tap into this energy.

Focus your attention completely on your goal. You must not reveal your plans yet.

You don’t have a firm enough foundation to allow others peoples feelings to not turn into your own weaknesses or insecurities.

♌️ Leo Rising

You need to become more aware of the opportunities that exist for you during this season. There may be more than you are aware of. To take advantage of them you must concentrate, cooperate and remain open minded.

Notice where you are getting fixated and not allowing things to flow.

♍️ Virgo Rising

This season is asking you to develop true strength. Balance the aspects of you that are human, animal, and divine. It may seem impossible, but love, kindness, and a brave heart can bring everything into balance.

♎️ Libra Rising

This season is asking you to become more aware of how successful and respected you truly are.

Until you can recognize this success and respect, you won’t gain more than you have currently.

Empower yourself by appreciating what you have done. Success is how you to find it. The season is allowing you to connect with what your version of successes and not the conditioned.

♏️ Scorpio Rising

You need to know that the worst is over. Does the hopes and dreams of the past may be dashed, new ones will arise in time.

This season is allowing you to connect with what you are terribly afraid of - that voice which tells you it will not work out- the ruin and despair so that you can let go and let God.

Accept the struggle must end and bless release will come out at the end.

What we resist persist.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising

This season is asking you to move from where you are now to where you know you should be to increase your effectiveness in the world.

There is nothing wrong with ambition. Be a pioneer. Take a calculated risk.

Do not brag, just do it.

♑️ Capricorn Rising

This season is assisting you in experiencing real generosity.

Fulfillment is found through sharing.

Drop all pretenses.

Give of yourself and from your heart if you can.

If not ask for what you need. Be thankful for the generosity of others.

When we can connect with the generosity of others, we can connect with our generosity as well.

♒️Aquarius Rising

This season is guiding you to use your intellect to get your way. Your schooling and knowledge of philosophy are important yet, so are your idol thoughts and dreams. You can solve problems by using history, rules, laws in diplomacy.

You’re being gifted this time so you can merge both aspects of self.

♓️ Pisces Rising

This season is assisting you in developing the true power of a master. You’re being asked to be content with being alone, or only with those on your level.

Do not waste your time and energy on those not ready.

It is okay to allow others to be in their space and you in yours.

Introspection is required for self mastery.

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