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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2023 What This Means for Your Rising Sign

Mercury the planet that rules communication, thought processes, ideas, sensory information, our nervous system and travel.

Mercury is currently retrograde in dig your heels in ground Taurus, conjunct Uranus who loves to disrupt and stir the pot.

This retrograde is here to bring light to the habits, behaviors and expectations that are no longer serving you and preventing you to be flexible versus rigid.

The gift presented is adaptability.

How can we adapt to our current circumstances.

Guys my car broke down last week, and my lease is up in September. How can I adapt to the situaron versus falling a victim to it?

I channel messages for your rising sign.

If you don’t know what your rising sign is, you can pull it up for free on Astro - all you need is your birth time, date and place.

If you don’t know your time of birth, feel free to reach out and book a birth chart reading: I lean on my psychic abilities to channel the birth time.    

♈️ Aries  Rising

Your invitation during this period is to develop true strength. To balance the aspects of you that are human, animal, and divine. It may seem impossible, but love, kindness, and a brave heart can bring them into balance.

You may know what heroism is. You may encounter true strength, and bravery.

Your faith may be strengthened.


Light a red candle, representing your cardinal energy

Light a white candle, representing your divine energy

Allow both candles to burn together and come into one

♉️Taurus Rising

There must not be a retreat from emotional involvement. We have concentrated too much on others and are now feeling unfulfilled.

Too much has been given away.

The invitation during this retrograde is to bring awareness of the physical, mental or emotional sacrifices that you make that are no longer sustainable.


Burn some sage

Hold a feather in the smoke and sweep it up and down your body to cleanse your aura

Change your rings or jewelry, so they are on the opposite side of your body from which they are usually worn

Remember that your left side draws in energy and you’re right side release is it

This ritual will begin the process of renewal

♊️ Gemini Rising

Your invitation is to show the world who you are, and what you have done. Express yourself so that all of whom you encounter can feel your warmth.

You’re being asked to share your highest quality’s in achievements.

What comes up in your body when you share all of your accomplishments?

Does it feel restrictive?

Does it feel Expansive?

You’re being asked to step in to your power during this retrograde.


Mid day on a Sunday, arrange a bunch of brightly colored flowers and prepare an elixir of sparkling water, mixed with citrus juice

I join your self with jewlery and golden garments

On the yellow paper right these words

I call upon the sun and ask that you bask me in your radiant light, shine on me so I may step into my power and feel safe, sharing it with the world.

♋️ Cancer Rising

Joy, creativity, and happiness are celebrated during the season. This is a time when enjoying yourself is as important as working hard.

You’re being presented with this pleasant time to grow emotionally.

Notice, if you feel like you have to earn celebration

Notice, if you feel like you have to earn pleasure

Notice, if you feel like you have to work for joy


Gather a group of your dearest friends for an afternoon gathering. Served delicious treats. Discuss joyful and creative ideas, celebrate your life. Lift your cups and salute each other and recite a pledge that allows you to bask in this moment.

♌️ Leo Rising

Your soul wants you to know what victory really needs and requires.

You know how to win, but it will last longer if you really want what you were going for.

You’re being given the tools you need to establish a firm foundation on which to build future successes.


Write all the fears, you have on a piece of paper and burn them during the next full moon

Call upon your spirit guide to support you in releasing these fears

♍️ Virgo Rising

You are learning to trust your instincts.

The medicine here is to trust your natural instincts.


Take some dried leaves and crumble them, and as you do say out loud, the things you value most about life.

When you’re ready sprinkle them outside in your garden

♎️ Libra Rising

Your invitation here is to experience, childlike joy. The child you were still lives within you and must be cared for. Your son, since my trigger nostalgic reverie, in which memories of childhood, friends and family come up. The medicine is play.


Find a picture of you when you were younger and place it on your mirror to remind you of the child within yourself

For the next six days, set aside, six minutes a day, and attempt to see with the eyes of a child.

♏️ Scorpio Rising

You’re going through a period of profound change. The more you resist the more painful it may be.

Get down to the essentials of the matter, ignoring all the fluffy details. Destroy old patterns to reveal a new rewarding path. Do not fear change or the passing of things.

Your fear of death must be recognized and confronted and dealt with before, and further interferes with your enjoyment of life.

If you cannot, Transform, this current situation, be willing to let it go. What has outlived it’s time is passed away to make way for new growth.


If you are struggling with change that has come into your life, place a bunch of newly cut flowers in a vase. Over the next two weeks, observe them as they were there and die.

Take them outside and bury them in the Earth.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising

You need to focus completely, seize the time, get in the race and win it.

Cultivate the ability to withstand the rigors of what is required.

Striving towards your goal can be a satisfied as attaining them. Tap in to your inner strength.

There is no room in your life for emotion now. You need single minded concentration on your goal. As you grow in your ability to meet life’s challenges, remember to remove the mask you made for the world to see in fear.

You’re being presented with this medicine so that you can connect with the manifestations that your soul craves.


Call upon the support of your spirit team ask them for eight and protection during this time.

♑️ Capricorn Rising

You’re being asked to tap into self discipline, and saw that sense of purpose so that you can achieve success in your material affairs.


Reward yourself by visiting either botanical garden or a hike in nature

Your invitation is to see and admire the diverse colors and shapes you see around you

♒️Aquarius Rising

You are being gifted the opportunity of uniting imbalance in your inner Harmony with the skills you have learned in life, so you can achieve real success.

Hard work has demanded to attend this material rewards an inner peace can be yours.

You must see your life in the context of the world before you get in the knowledge of seek.


Form a circle with a group of friends, hold hands and slowly move, clockwise dancing and swaying. Complete the circle 22 times. Visualize the earth in the center of your circle, bathed in white light, receiving the love and healing energy from your group.

♓️ Pisces Rising

The message during this period is what goes around comes around. You will reap what you have sold that you must think ahead and consider your actions. What are you currently find yourself on top of the wheel or at his bottom, to avoid being ruled by faith take responsibility for your life and what happens to you. Be open to a new or unexpected opportunity.


During the next new moon, light, three orange candles, and some incense, and let the air be filled with a sweet scent. Call upon the Goddess of fortune and ask her to support you.

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