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Mars in Virgo Will Affect Your Rising Sign in 2023

On July 10th Mars the planet of agression, passion, motivation and action is entering detail oriented, Virgo until August 27th.

Mars governs our will, creativity, as well as our relationship with patience.

While it had a blast in Leo, its journey through Virgo is asking us to be more productive with our energy.

The themes during this transit is all the Virgo ruling things: habits, routines and decisions that aren't supporting us.

Look for the house you have Virgo in for more depth. Remember each house rules a theme / area of our life.

♈️ Aries Rising

This transit, celebrates learning, growing and opening to finding our highest potential.

Today decide to learn about some thing that you have always wanted to know about yet never wanted to message the time to do it. Share the information and wisdom you learned.

Do this in the spirit of gratitude for incredible brain, talent, and ability to learn.

♉️ Taurus Rising

This transit celebrate the calling we receive at one time or another in our life. It calls us to trust the divine plan by winningly, and with faith walk this new path of challenge, knowing our triumph is assured like the phoenix rising from the ashes

♊️ Gemini Rising

This transit celebrates the love the creator has for the environment and its creatures.

It calls us to follow the example to cherish and protect these gifts, as we would care for ourselves.

Make a commitment to act with more integrity to honor the environment, and all of its life forms.

Make a commitment to respect your own body/temple, and do all that you can to keep it healthy and nourished.

Be the shining light the creator meant you to be.

♋️ Cancer Rising

This transit celebrates the Divine feminine aspect in all creation. Whether you call her Mother Earth, Gaia, Mary, the blessed mother, or Goddess.

Her energy is universal.

Imagine that she has a special gift for you contained in the single celled orb that she holds.

Connect to the Divine feminine.

Honor a mother today, whether she is physically here or passed on.

She can be a friend or relative, or a complete stranger.

Give a gift of a rose, a prayer, smile, or a kind word.

The important part is that it is given with love, appreciation and gratitude for the feminine in all.

♌️ Leo Rising

This transit celebrate the good or God part in all persons, places, and things, no matter what our preconceived notions and prejudges are.

It calls us to look beyond the surface impressions, and externals and actively seek the common ground of the oneness of all.

Make a list of the treats and things about yourself that you are most critical of an become the complete opposite.

Become the complete opposite, most positive version of that trait.

Make a conscious choice from this time forward to embrace the highest aspects within yourself, and let them shine forth.

♍️ Virgo Rising

This transit, celebrates, camaraderie, friendship, and dreaming our dreams together. It is sharing the magic of possibilities are everywhere all around us.

Be an inspiration to someone who needs encouragement.

Maybe they have a goal or a dilemma, inspire them to look for possibilities outside the box.

Honor your own imagination so you can extend this gift to them.

♎️ Libra Rising

This transit celebrates the impact of a love from the divine, that surges and explodes through us at all times.

It calls us minute by minute to be aware, and willing to be in alignment with it consciously so we can walk in our destiny of heaven on earth, and can truly feel one with all that is.

Tune in to your heart, portal and sunset, filling up the most beautiful golden, white light from the divine source. Once you’re in this incredible space of unconditional love, lovingly, send an arrow of this wonderful light to someone you feel would benefit most from it.

♏️ Scorpio Rising

This transit celebrates the newly transcended, integrated human.

Feel the integration and balancing of the male and female energies within.

It is stepping into the knowing of our true selves, our authentic essence.

In order to be true to ourselves, we cannot be tethered to darkness, and you were in our lives.

The first step is forgiveness.

Write a letter of forgiveness to someone who wronged you. You need not send it but truly feel the release.

Burn it as a way to respectfully and honorably release the energy.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising

This transit celebrate the creators will to keep us safe, protected, and secure in the home of the divine.

It calls us to keep a constant and open dialogue with universal source so we can request help and protection as soon as we need it.

See yourself as an involved transcended been. How can you take your current circumstances, challenges in your life to a higher level?

Ask for help from the divine.

The universe’s grace and help is there just waiting for you to request it.

♑️ Capricorn Rising

This transit celebrates the gift of free choice bestowed upon us.

It causes us to evoke the guidance of our heavenly support system, in order to make the best choices which are in alignment with our highest potential before we cross the threshold into the vast unknown.

Choose to look for and focus on the good and highest in all people, circumstances and things. If there is a choice to be made in your life, look for all the options and see which one holds the highest result for you and all involved. If you cannot see it, create it.

♒️Aquarius Rising

This transit celebrates the outpouring of the divine creators, love saturating all of creation.

It causes us to allow this energy to permeate us at every level and plane of existence.

It is who we are.

Allow yourself to sit for a moment, and imagine yourself under shower of divine energy and feel it washing over you, entering your mind, body and spirit, communicating and washing you clean with the energy of divine forgiveness.

Pull those negative things in yourself that are ready to be released, and hold them in your hand, dissolving them under the heavenly healing waters.

Dissolve them, release them now give thanks.

♓️ Pisces Rising

This transit celebrates the spirit of play. We are called to take the hand of the child within us - allow ourselves to sparkle with the sheer bliss of indulging in every delicious moment of happiness and joy.

Do something today you will look at and enjoy from the perspective of a child. Let your rational adult guard down and truly express glee, joy, and being in the moments of this activity.

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