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March Astrological Transits & Events 2023

We have a lot going on this month: major planets moving into a new element 👀

Saturn + Pluto

The area of our chart where Pisces is gets some extra activation at the beginning of the month: Mercury and Saturn both enter the mystical water sign.

At the end of the month Mars finally leaves Gemini after hanging out there since 08.22 and dips into the caretaker waters of Cancer.


Mercury enters Pisces ♓️

Mercury the planet of communication, thoughts and how we process information is entering Pisces - joining the Sun and Neptune.

This transit is allowing us to dive into the parts of our lives that are unwanted: the shadow: the darkness.

This transit is here to remind us that our thoughts are just that thoughts: there’s no reason to attach ourselves to them.


The invitation during this transit is to face our illusion: can you accept where we are, honor whatever was brought to us, integrate to lift the veils that blind us.


Saturn enters Pisces ♓️

Saturn has officially left Aquarius: it’s been there since -2020. As Saturn moves out of Aquarius into dream like Pisces: we can expect a lot of collective shifts.

If you have your natural Saturn in Pisces: congrats you are entering your first Saturn return! 🥳

This shift is moving us out of the mind (Aquarius) into the our emotions (Pisces) and asking us to let go of the behaviors that are no longer serving us with our emotional bodies.

Saturn comes in to ask us to set boundaries, structure and organize the area of our chart where Pisces resides.


It is time to stoke the fire: time to let our creative juices flow and guide us. Be daring: be responsible: be intentional: be conscious.

Find | create | make the time to get creative.

Take the art class. Cook that recipe. Rattle the drums. Explore your sexuality. Dance. Write. Play.


Full Moon in Virgo ♍️

This full moon is allowing us to connect with the missing puzzle piece. What we are ready to receive will be revealed to us: showing us where we are creating resistance in our lives (thank you Saturn)

We are also being asked to bring this from a ethereal space to a more tangible one: create a game plan for your goals and allow the universe to connect you with the opportunities.

Wisdom arrives from unseen places.


The invitation during this full moon is to bask in the radiance of our own beauty. The gift: to celebrate all aspects of self and see them as beauty.


Venus enters Taurus ♉️

Venus the planet of love, pleasure, beauty and desires enters another one of its natal placements Taurus (the other being Libra).

Connecting with the part of your chart that Taurus is in and adding more Venus qualities will allow you to tap into the magic this transit brings us.


Tend to your inner fire.

This transit wants you to make your home a priority. The way to wholeness is nurtured when we learn to come home to ourselves and then the external physical manifestation can match.


Mercury enters Aries ♈️

Mercury the planet of communication, technology is entering bold, take action Aries. Our words will get bolder, fiery and we might feel a bit more outspoken than usual. There is this speed, impulsive air to the way we think, process and connect. The invitation is to stand up for ourselves.


The medicine during this transit is to deal with our communication crisis. There is some instability arising and showing cracks in our foundation. Feel the emotions. Remember emotions are fleeting: they won't be here for long.


Spring Equinox + Aries Season ♈️

The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are all hanging out in Aries, kicking us off with this warrior spirit that is expanded with Jupiter in the mix. This is a time of rebirth, the sun has restarted the zodiac cycle and we are at the astrological new year!


There is a challenge we are being presented with and are being asked to face it head on. We have the bold, Fire energy to support us through this transit.


New Moon in Aries ♈️

I personally follow the astrological calendar versus the Gregorian: this is my new year.

This is the time to set intentions: with the let’s get this going, I’m ready to do this energy that Aries brings with it we have the momentum to plant the seeds we wish to see bloom in the next 6 months: when we are graced with an Aries Full Moon.


This new moon is here to assist you with your sexuality. Mars is Aries ruling planet: Mars represents our agression, motivation, sexuality, passion and more. We are being asked to connect with the primal parts of us that we were taught to avoid


Pluto enters Aquarius ♒️

Pluto has been hanging out in go after it Capricorn since 2008 😳🙈 (on a personal note I graduated from high school that year). After this long stint it’s moving into detached Aquarius for a few months before it retrogrades back into Capricorn.

This transit while still felt on a personal level, is felt much more on the collective. Plutos transits are 20ish years long. Remember Pluto likes to destruct to allow us to reborn.

I like to compare the tower card in tarot to Pluto: what no longer serves will fall down in order to rebuild again.


We are getting a glimpse at what this 20 year transit is bringing us: justice: what is not of integrity will crumble, now is the time to invite justice in and allow it to show you what needs to go to create space for what is to come.


Mars enters Cancer ♋️

Mars the planet of motivation, aggression, passion and sexuality is moving into Cancer, where we leave the mind (Gemini) to the heart (Cancer).

The invitation during this transit is to be more conscious of our emotions and to learn to mother ourselves versus expecting the world to mother us.


Time to get in touch with your inner responsibilities: where are you needing to step up? Where are you needing to make changes and adjustments? Allow this transit to guide you into showing up as the responsible parent you maybe didn't have as a child.

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