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June Astrology Transits and Energetic Forecast 2023

On June 3rd there at 11:42 pm est the moon will rise in Sagittarius.

The moon in astrology represents our inner world, our subconscious mind, our emotions, along with the love we feel capable of experiencing in this lifetime.

When we get emotionally reactive, this is our moon mirroring what's hanging in our subconscious mind so we can heal the conditioned experience of this and past lifetimes.

On June 5th Venus enters Leo until October 8th 2023

Venus the planet of love, beauty, money and out sentiments. Our grace, charm, artistic inclinations are all ruled by Venus.

When Venus hangs with firey, passionate and bold Leo a powerful frequency is created , allowing us the space to dive deeper into our creative expression, get in touch with our true desires and feelings.

On June 11th Pluto retrogrades into Capricorn until October 10th

Once again the planet of transformation has dipped itself back into sturdy, earth go after it Capricorn. For the rest of the year we will be wrapping up the collective shit storm we've been plagued by for the last decade.

On June 11th Mercury enters Gemini until June 26th

Mercury the planet of communication, technology and travel is at home with curious, inquiring Gemini. This is a magical time to learn new things, go down different rabbit holes and follow the cruising curiousity Gemini offers us.

Remember Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini.

On June 17th Saturn retrograde into Pisces until November 4th 2023

Saturn our karmic grandfather, who loves to push us to our edges, who is here to teach us to take responsibility and accountability for our choices and actions is going retrograde.

This is a beautiful time to see where we allow our day dreams to take over and forget to follow through with aligned action.

Our boundaries might get blurred for a bit to remind us to firm down.

On June 18th New Moon in Gemini

Use the curiosity that Gemini gifts us to plant seeds for the next 6 months - Gemini Full Moon will allow you to see the fruit of your labors.

On June 21st Ceres enters Libra until September 15th

Ceres represents the natural world, the ebs and flow of nature that rhythms and cycles it offers us. Ceres rules our unconditional love, the relationship we have with our parents and/ or children. We see our attachment styles and wounds show up here.

With Ceres in mediating Libra there's an extra layer of harmonizing in the air. Can we find the balance and reset our natural rhythms versus leaning on the conditioned one passed down?

The invitation is to find the balance between we and me.

June 21st Cancer Season

Today we kick of Cancer season on the longest day of the year - marking thr official start of summer in the northern hemisphere.

Over the next four weeks we will be graced with the mothering, caring energy that Cancer offer us to get in touch with.

On June 22nd Juno enters Cancer

Juno represents our commitment to ourselves, others, the give and take in relationships, marriage, relationships themselves, and compromise.

Juno shows us where we seek to find balance. She allows us to get in touch with where we are unhappy and how we can wrong that right.

With Juno in Cancer we are asked to look at where we are mothering others and forgetting ourselves. Where are caretaking for others while ignoring our own needs and wants.

June 22nd Vesta enters Gemini

Vesta represents our sacred creative feminine energy, thr spiritual fire we all have within us. The devotion we give to our passions.

With Vesta in Gemini we can find ourselves running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Instead of forcing one thing, allow the curiousity of Gemini to guide you in a grounded way.

June 26th Mercury enters Cancer until July 11th 2023

Mercury the planet of communication enters sentimental, watery Cancer - asking us to get in touch with the magic that transports us down memeory lane. This could be through music, food or art.

June 30th Neptune retrograde into Pisces until December 6th 2023 when it stations direct

Neptune represents our fantasy, illusion and dellusion. Neptune rules our mystical world, our dreams, intuition, and creative pursuits.

When we aren't grounded we get swept away in dream land.

Pisces ruled by dreamy Neptune, allow this retrograde to show you where you need to ground in to live our your dreams.

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