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July Astrological Transits 2023 | All The Key Astrological Dates + What This Means for You

What can I blame on astrology this month?

July 1st

We start the month off with Neptune going retrograde in Pisces for the rest of year until December 6th 2023

Neptune the planet of illusion and fantasy goes retrograde every year around this time, bringing up what is ready to be released, where we are building sand castles in the sky versus working with the energy presented to you.

July 3rd Full Moon in Capricorn

This full moon is bringing up questions around all the things Capricorn:

what success means to you?

what material gains mean to you?

How are you feeling around security, money, reward, praise, recognition and respect?

What comes up for you when these things are mentioned.

July 10th Mars enters Virgo

Mars the planet of aggression, going after things, motivation, and how we go after things is entering earthy, detail oriented Virgo until August 27th.

This is the time to get shit done, focus on the goals and take small steps versus giant leaps.

July 11th Mercury enters Leo

Mercury the planet of communication, technology, mental processing and travel is entering into fiery, proud Leo until July 28th.

The gift here is to take up space.

Allow your throat chakra to receive the healing it’s asking for.

July 17th New Moon in Cancer

This new moon is all about planting seeds around our own mothering.

How are you mothering yourself?

How are you nurturing yourself?

July 22nd Leo Season begins

The sun has entered Leo, the father of the sun. Leo season brings drama, passion, and play.

July 23rd Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus the planet of love, material possessions, desire and wants is retrograding in loud, passionate Leo until September 3rd.

The gift here is to take audit on what in your life brings you happiness and aligns with your soul and what is soothing the conditioned self.

July 28th Mercury in Virgo

Mercury planet of mental thought process, communication is leaving Leo and heading into service oriented Virgo until October 4th.

This is the time to take note on the little things, double check facts, ensure that what you’re saying and thinking are in alignment.

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