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Astrological Update: Mercury enters Taurus

Mercury the planet that rules our thought process, ideas, how we communicate, how we express our anxious energy and more is entering grounded, fixed and stubborn Taurus on April 3, 2023!

Curious about what this transit is bringing you? Check out your rising sign below, as this will show where this current transit is occurring in your natal chart.

Not sure what your rising sign is?

You can get a free birth chart at Astro, you need your birth time, date and place.

Don't know your birth time? Or don't have access to it? Connect with your higher self: and ask what rising sign you have. Or book a reading.

♈️ Aries Rising

The invitation during this transit is to release the desire to control the situation, and leave it up to the universe infinite wisdom to resolve everything beautifully.

The main message that you are receiving during this transition is to let go. Let go of hears about your work. The goal of a job that’s taking all of your time. Let go and let the universe be in charge. Let go and express your authentic feeling through your creativity. Let go and show your creative project to others. Whatever forms it takes for you to let go.

♉️ Taurus Rising

There is some happy news that you’ll be presented with during this transit. All of the good work you’ve been doing is cultivating into success.

The result may differ from your expectations, yet you will be satisfied.

For that reason stay open minded as to how your rewards come to you.

If you’re only looking for one type of success, you may not notice it arriving in a different form.

Your rewards are unfolding in exactly the right way. Continue with your current healthy and productive activities.

♊️ Gemini Rising

Listen to your vulnerable feelings, as they contain wisdom and inspiration, and then pray for strength to focus on your priorities, no matter what. Release toxins from your body, mind and diet.

♋️ Cancer Rising

Don’t allow fear to distract you from your divine mission. The invitation during this transit is to only listen to love notice what is trying to distract you and keep you in the illusion.

Can you begin your journey with a positive Intention so it’s important that you focus only upon the intention to the ups and downs along the way.

Everyone encounters, unexpected detours upon their path, so don’t take this personally.

♌️ Leo Rising

You are receiving divine guidance while you sleep. Even if you don’t remember your dreams, the answers are in your unconscious mind, where they appear in order to help you. Your prayers and wishes are being answered in a creative way.

♍️ Virgo Rising

As a creative individual, you may feel overwhelmed with sensitive feelings, so you turn to addictions to numb the intensity. You are being presented with the medicine during this transit that those feelings in the raw are the inspiration for your grade is creations. In addition, and addictive habit, may be lowering your mood and vibrations by artificially, inducing, depression, or anxiety.

You already know in your heart, which substances or behaviors are distracting you from your health and happiness. It could be consumption of wheat, caffeine, alcohol, animal meant, nicotine, sugar, or gossip.

Call upon your guides, ask for assistance to release unhealthy cravings so that you won’t struggle with your detox.

It is safe for you to face your tender feelings.

♎️ Libra Rising

The message during this transit signifies that you are keeping your projects under wraps, because of perfectionism or fears of rejection and criticism. It may be helpful to remind yourself that there’s never been an artist in this world who was universally accepted and appreciated. An attempt to create some thing everyone likes is a futile goal especially if it prevents you from sharing your art with the world in the first place.

You are receiving in the validation that your soul asked for so that you’re human can except that you are on the right path. While we can see the fears, which are triggering procrastination and second thoughts within you. Release them to the heavens, so that you may share your art with the world.

♏️ Scorpio Rising

Congratulations! You are receiving a message that signals the lifting of obstacles previously standing in your way. Now you can expect to enjoy smoother sailing. This is a time when it’s extra important to stay optimistic, and filled with faith. Enjoy and appreciate the small successes, recognize that they add up to big ones. The more you stay centered in gratitude, the more positive opportunities will come your way.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising

You are being reminded that the key to success is practice, practice, practice. If you’re procrastinating, it’s probably because of fears of doing something that’s not perfect in the beginning. Yet the only way to improve is to commit time each day to your aspiration. Research shows that those who practice and study become the most proficient with their creative endeavors. The reason for daily practice is to create a helpful new habit. When you become accustomed to creating every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, you lose self-consciousness and become more confident about your work.

♑️ Capricorn Rising

Your invitation during this transit is to share your hearts, desires, and choices. Heaven is waiting for you to be clear by your desires, and to ask for them to be fulfilled. You may be reluctant because of fears of making the wrong choice. You’re being stuck in the decision is in itself a decision to have your life stay as is.

Asking for what you want means taking a risk upon yourself and believing in your ability to help others through your creative work.

♒️ Aquarius Rising

Your invitation during this transit is for you to create from your authentic voice. Don’t change your work to fit the marketplace. Be yourself. The definition of creativity is making something fresh and new. So if you copy others work, you are not creating, you are imitating. It is not about creating something that appeals to everyone. It’s about creating what appeals to you and makes your heart sing with joy.

♓️ Pisces Rising

Something has been burst into your life during this transit. It could be a new idea and your project. Nurture yourself with extra love and gentle. Now that the birth is imminent allow yourself to be divinely guided in your action steps.

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