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Astrological Update: Full Moon in Libra

And what this means for you!

I love tracking the moon, I feel like I have a love affair going on with her. She mirrors back the wild, primal nature that we all have within.

At least that's the relationship I have with her.

This Full Moon happens to fall in Libra - the sun is in opposition in Aries.

Themes that this moon brings with it are, how do we relate to patience, boundaries and the people pleasing parts of us that exist.

I'd recommend looking at your rising sign, as this will show where this full moon is happening in your natal chart.

Not sure what your rising sign is?

You can get a free birth chart at Astro, you need your birth time, date and place.

Don't know your birth time? Or don't have access to it? Connect with your higher self: and ask what rising sign you have. Or book a reading.

Aries Rising

This full moon indicates an energy of arrival and completion. Not only is there financial success and stability, but there is also harmony in relationships.

Now is a wonderful time to celebrate all that is going right in your life. If perhaps it doesn’t feel like you are there, yet, have faith, in the fact that it is coming.

Right now, you are encouraged to think, long-term and about future generations. What kind of foundation are you building? This is not about how much wealth you’ll be leaving after you’re gone, but about the energies and patterns you are weaving.

Taurus Rising

This full moon signals a deep connection with another person, and while often romantic it is not strictly so. It could also mean love is on its way to you, or it is referring to a relationship that is currently on your mind.

You are being encouraged to allow yourself to be vulnerable and honest and this connection. It is important to remember that love is a toys despite the struggle, joy, pain, and excitement it brings it will always be a choice of whether or not you want to continue to show up for the connection.

Something to remember about relationships is that there is always a life death life cycle. There will always be times of tension and then times of ease.

Moments where aspects of the relationship need to die in order to move forward. This is replaced by a new freedom and space that brings adventure. One must be curious about what the future brings and how they can explore themselves within the relationship.

️ Gemini Rising

This full moon invites you to tap into your personal wealth of strength. While the chariot rallies the troops and is action oriented, we are really talking about our internal well and resilience as opposed to discipline.

We are being asked to meet our challenges with compassion and love, it creates a faster transformation. You’re being encouraged to merge with your challenges as opposed to viewing them as a battle. Opposition can often increase resistance, so the more you can view your current hurdle with a sense of curiosity, the easier it will be.

️ Cancer Rising

Somewhere in your life, you are believing falsehoods, or being influenced in a way that can cause real harm.

The subconscious is being fed here- whatever it is you’re buying into is coming from a need or compulsion from your shadow.

Think of an addiction: we may tell ourselves we feel better when under the influence, anyone on the outside can see that as fiction.

This could also be a relationship: you may be trusting someone, but they are actually

manipulating you for their own personal gain.

This could also be internal: a limiting belief you picked up.

All of these scenarios requires a deep work + healing. You must confront the deepest layers of yourself and your past then question all the things you’ve thought to be true. This can be painful as we often begin seeing the darker nature in others and ourselves which can make us feel cynical.

Allow yourself to approach this work with a sense of curiosity and non-judgment.

️ Leo Rising

Imagine a bunch of people in a room, all trying to yell over one another in an effort to get your point across: that is the image of this full moon.

You are being encouraged to change the method of discourse and create a container for working out tension and conflict.

You are being asked to tap into your inner competitor.

Which is pushing you to be your best with that being said, competition can always cross the line, and become darker.

Try to ensure that this isn’t the case, view it solely as something that will push your boundaries and limitation, it is about you not the other person.

️ Virgo Rising

It is a good time to connect with your loved ones during this one moment and focus on your relationships. Right now is a time of harmony and balance, but prioritizing, social, unfamiliar connections would be beneficial for you. In terms of work, this means that there may be an opportunity for partnership or collaboration.

That would be great for you.

Be open to connection in all forms!

️ Libra Rising

You are being encouraged to view your situation with your head and not so much your heart.

Healthy detachment will allow you to get to the solution more quickly.

Have confidence in the conclusion you arise to - if you have laid plans of action, trust that those will get you where you want to go.

️ Scorpio Rising

This full moon encourages you to rest and withdraw for the time being. There have been many battles fought, and it is important to relax and gather your strength while you can. There is an acknowledgment of the challenges you have overcome, it is important to create some separation.

Stress, especially chronic stress changes our cells, our neuroplasticity and compromises our health.

If you struggle with allowing yourself these periods, consider your association with the rest.

How did your parents relaxed?

Did they do it?

Or did they have to try to fill their time?

When you are in stillness, what do you feel like reaching for?

Try to bring awareness to any patterns here.

Things like meditation, movement, but not super intense, dancing, spending time with friends, nature are all helpful. It doesn’t matter so much what it is as long as it feels relaxing to you.

️ Sagittarius Rising

This full moon confirms the space of deep grief, sadness, depression, anxiety, panic, etc. Emotions are heightened.

You are uncomfortable and possibly dealing with racing and intrusive thoughts.

You have been here before, and are desperate to not be here again.

However, with that, you may be trying to prepare by disaster planning.

There is definitely a feeling of entrapment during this full moon.

Your neural pathways are in repetition and won’t let you turn the page.

Self healing is an art, and it can often feel like walking a very fine line. It is nuanced, we want to surrender to where we are, but we don’t want to get stuck there. It is accepting the present, yet doing enough to move this stagnate energy.

New routines, workouts, ways home whatever it is, we want to shake things up because what we are doing now is not working.

We don’t do things hoping they fix how we are feeling we do them just because we are curious as to what could come next.

Striking this balance is work so be kind to yourself.

️ Capricorn Rising

The building of some thing has its own challenges, as does the continued upkeep after the launch and initial accomplishments.

With success comes competition and others trying to knock you out, expect this and stay a few steps ahead of the pack.

The challenges presented come with opportunity as well. The message during this full moon carries a stimulating effect, one that clears out stagnancy and negativities.

Any challenges can bolster one within themselves, and provide motivation to power through. Complications and conflicts are almost an afterthought, they are the seed that sparked the movement.

You are being asked to rise to the occasion, it's less about the occasion itself.

️ Aquarius Rising

This full moon indicates endings.

It is a part of the life and death life cycle.

Where there is death, there is new life.

This, however, doesn’t mean it is easy.

Most likely you are having big transitions thrown to you, despite trying to prevent them.

A chapter is closing, and it could take the form of a relationship, job, business, project, or anything else that has played a large role in your life.

This is a time of transition for you, and most likely one that brings grief with it. That being said, do have faith that the new space in your life will be filled with some thing your soul has been asking for.

Do not try to fill the void, simply be present with it, allow it to be.

️ Pisces Rising

The invitation during this full moon is for you to separate feelings from fact and approach things in a more unbiased way.

You’re being called to implement boundaries into your life.

To understand that there are many ways to nurture yourself. There’s potent energy to be integrated during this full moon!

What a gift.

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