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Exploring Blind Spots and Overcoming Blocks with Andrea's Multidimensional Nourishment

  • 1 hour
  • Nature |Eben G Fine Park

Service Description

Embark on a profound 90-day journey of self-discovery and transformation as you delve into your blind spots and address the blocks that arise with the comprehensive support of Andrea. Combining somatic therapy, Internal Family Systems, astrology, Human Design, and her intuitive gifts, Andrea provides a multifaceted approach to guide you through this deeply healing and empowering process. Engage in somatic therapy sessions with Andrea to deepen your mind-body connection, release stored tension and trauma, and access the wisdom held within your body. Through gentle movement, mediations, guided visualizations, breath work, and body-centered awareness practices, you'll learn to listen to the messages of your body and uncover unconscious patterns and blocks. Work with Andrea to identify and connect with your inner parts—such as the wounded child, protective manager, and vulnerable exile—and navigate the intricate dynamics within your internal family system with compassion and curiosity. Gain insights into your unique astrological and Human Design profiles, offering valuable guidance and clarity on your soul's purpose, innate strengths, and areas for growth. Explore how planetary placements, transits, and energetic imprints influence your life experiences and patterns, providing a deeper understanding of your blind spots and blocks from a cosmic perspective. Tap into Andrea's intuitive gifts and empathic presence as she holds space for your journey of self-exploration and transformation. Receive personalized guidance, insights, and reflections tailored to your individual needs and circumstances, supporting you in navigating challenges and embracing opportunities for growth. The 90-Day Journey: Phase 1: Safety Phase 2: Self-Exploration and Awareness Phase 3: Nourishment Are you ready to embark on a 90-day journey of self-discovery and transformation, guided by Andrea's multidimensional support? Step into the depths of your being, explore your blind spots, and uncover the blocks that stand in the way of your fullest expression of self.

Cancellation Policy

ALL session purchases are final. No refunds permitted. There is a 50% rescheduling fee.

Andrea E logreira

  • Boulder, CO, USA

  • Eben G. Fine Park, Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO, USA

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