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A Journey Home

A soul guided journey of discovering your truth and coming home.

  • Started Feb 7
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We are all on a lifelong journey of returning home, what I like to call the remembering. We reawaken to our souls purpose, experience the rewild of our essence and forage on to the remembering of who we were prior to all the conditioning we’ve picked up in our lifetimes. We were all born whole, we came into this life knowing that everything we seek is already within us. When we’re coming from a place of lack - of not enough - we are coming from a fragmented place. We feel that what we are missing is outside of ourselves. This makes us feel like we are on the outside looking in. A Journey Home is a soul guided journey of discovering your truth and coming home to yourself.  When it comes to going after all the magic that we want if we are coming from a place of lack, of scarcity of not enough, we can do all the healing, all the affirmations but there’s a root belief that isn’t letting us connect with our inner vision.  Which is why together we are addressing the core wound of - not enough - together we are peeling back the onion layers of the conditioned self so that our soul feels safe to guide. When we are constantly outsourcing our truth, we don’t trust ourselves and that leaves us feeling uncertain when change arrives.  We don’t feel comfortable or confident following through with our intuitive nudges out of lack of self trust. We feel ungrounded and like any little thing can knock us down. Shifting out of this place of feeling like we are not enough into a place of abundance is what this journey home is all about. Changing the inner narrative of - I’m broken to I’m whole!!  Returning home to self versus looking outside off ourselves for validation.  This is for you if you feel disconnected from your creative power? You feel like you are constantly self sabotaging, doubting yourself and coming from a place of not enough. If you’ve been looking for a deeper understanding and connection to your true essence, join us on this intimate adventure. Throughout this 12 week journey you will receive the guidance, love and support you need to reclaim your power and truth, step into your purpose with confidence and clarity. INCLUDED  1:1 Intuitive Clarity Reading (1)  1:1 Intuitive Guidance (60 minutes) (2)  Weekly Group Zoom Calls  Weekly Visualizations & Mediation Monthly Group Energy Healing Sessions  Ongoing Email & Text Support  Customized Reading & Resource List    ​Investment: $1555

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Andrea E logreira

Boulder, CO, USA