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The 12 Houses of the Zodiac Explained | What They Mean

When people ask me what our birth chart is my response is:

imagine taking a screen shot of the sky when you were born

This screen shot shows where the planets, luminaries and asteroids were at the moment of your birth.

Think of the 12 houses as a clock, each house represents a different area of life.

Different signs correspond to different personalities and characteristics.

The planets correspond to different mind functions, different mental functions such as ego, communication, aggression etc.

We start with the first house (your ascending or rising) you’ll want to follow your chart counterclockwise to note your second house, third house, fourth, and so forth and so on.

As you move through the houses, you’ll notice that each house is ruled by one of the 12 zodiac signs and your planetary placements — your sun sign, moon sign, Mercury, Mars etc — reside within a particular house. 

The first house is known as the house of SELF

Associated with Aries - I AM.

This house is located where our ascending or rising sign starts. This is the mask you present to the world, the way others see us, it’s your identity, think of your first house like your personal brand.

The second house is known as the house of INCOME

Associated with Taurus

The second house rules moneymaking, material possessions, and self-worth.

This house shows how you will earn money.

It will show you, your self esteem.

How do you feel about yourself?

Feel good about what you are doing than you will draw in money.

How you deal with money.

How you spend money.

How you budget.

Whether you are money driven or you could care less.

You can get all these answers in the second house, looking at what sign rules this house as well as if you have any planets or luminaries.

The third house is known as the house of COMMUNICATION.

Associated with Gemini

The third house oversees how you think and express yourself with others — when speaking out loud but also through the written word.

It speaks to how you interact with friends and anyone else in your immediate circle and / or environment and also involves siblings and short-distance travel.

The fourth house known as the house of HOME

Associated with Cancer

The fourth house represents our family life, inner world, domestic realm as well as associated with our root chakra.

Explore any placements and the ruling sign of this house for information on your relationships with parents and how you’ll act as a parent, real estate and what brings you a sense of security.

The fifth house also known as the house of PLAY

Associated with Leo

The fifth house oversees romance, self-expression, fun, pleasure, creativity, and kids. This is the house of expression, how you expressive yourself: acting, sports etc.

Look at any placements and which sign rules the house in your chart for clues on how you incorporate playfulness into your life, express your artistic visions, and own your voice.

The sixth house known as the house of SERVICE.

Associated with Virgo

The sixth house is the house of health and our day-to-day routines and rituals.

Planetary placements and the ruling sign here inform how you check to-dos off your list and care for your physical — but also emotional and mental — well-being. Fun fact: It’s also the house of pets, as they’re part of our everyday life, too.  

The seventh house known as the house of PARTNERSHIP

Associated with Libra

The seventh house represents our relationships, involves one-on-one bonds — romantic, such as marriage, as well as platonic and professional connections.

While the first house is all about you, this is the house that explores your partnerships and connections.

Any placements in this house — as well as the ruling sign — color how you approach pairing up.

And because it sits opposite the first house of self, lessons of the seventh house can also bolster self-awareness, allowing our connections / partnerships to serve as mirrors.

What does the way in which you show up for another say about your sense of self?

The eighth house also known as the house of INTIMACY

Associated with Scorpio

The 8th house is one of the most complex, overseeing sex, death and rebirth, joint resources, transformation, and our most intimate emotional bonds. This house shows how we handle intimacy, how we handle shared resources.

The ninth house also known as the house of ADVENTURE.

Associated with Sagittarius

The ninth house is the house of long-distance travel and higher education.

We can learn here about our sense of wanderlust, how we aim to broaden our horizons, and how we soak up knowledge and approach philosophical conversations.

It’s also the house of publishing, foreign languages, and religion.

The tenth house also known as the house of CAREER.

Associated with Capricorn

The 10th house represents our professional path, social standing, and how we are seen in the world.

Similarly, the whole tenth house offers information on how we go after our greatest ambitions in life, how we deal with authority figures — and may act as one, and how we feel about taking on responsibility, particularly in a very public way.

The eleventh house known as the house of FRIENDS.

Associated with Aquarius

The eleventh house is all about friends and colleagues, although not on a one-on-one level ( that is 7th house) or in terms of how you connect (that is the 3rd house).

Instead, the eleventh house informs the teams, groups, and networks we associate with.

It can also indicate the greater audiences we appeal to, if you’re hoping to grow your social media following.

It also involves hopes, wishes, and how we express our humanity and sense of community.

The twelfth house known as the house of the UNCONSCIOUS MIND

Associated with Pisces

The twelfth house rules our spirituality and the unconscious mind, this shows us what we do in secret, what we do when we are alone. This house oversees karma, what’s lying beneath the surface of our life, our unconscious mind, dreams, and spiritual growth.

If you’re doing shadow work this is the house to search.

You can get a sense of your shadow self through seeing what sign and if any planets, luminaries or asteroids are here.

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