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October Astrological Transits 2022


October 2nd: Mercury does direct in Virgo

October 8th: Pluto goes direct in Capricorn

October 9th: Full Moon in Aries

October 10th: Mercury goes direct in Libra

October 22nd: Venus Cazimi

October 23rd: Venus enters Scorpio

October 23rd: Sun enters Scorpio

October 25th: New Moon in Scorpio

October 28th: Jupiter Retrograde enters Pisces

October 29th: Mercury enters Scorpio

October 30th: Mars goes Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury goes direct in Virgo Now that Mercury has gone direct it is time to clean up any messes that were made and get things back on track. Simplify your communication and life as much as possible. Once that is complete, you'll want to carve some time out that you need for wellness both mentally and physical.

Pluto goes direct in Capricorn

Once Pluto, the planet of transformation, moves forward the veil begins to lift so that hidden messages can be revealed. Since April 29 things that were buried have been making their way to the surface, and now secrets will be revealed. Pluto teaches us that the truth will always set you free.

Full Moon in Aries

The things you have been working towards since the New Moon in Aries six months ago are now blooming. Allow this Full Moon to illuminate your most authentic self, and you will naturally attract those into your life that support you to flourish, grow and expand.

Mercury goes direct in Libra

Mercury, the planet of communication, reenters diplomatic Libra which, according to means our perspective will become aligned and balanced. As she glides through diplomatic Libra, the lesson being presented is there are always two sides to the story and that having different perspectives is okay. We are being invited to agree to disagree and have a dialogue rather than a monologue. Can you tap into your patient, peaceful, and open-minded side.

Venus Cazimi This is one of the best days of the year for love, connection, pleasure, beauty, and art. Get that haircut or tattoo. Ask out that cutie. Schedule a date night with yourself. Bathe in rose petals. Take seriously all acts of self-love. Bathe in pleasure and desire. This is a day to indulge in all the Venus qualities.

Venus in Scorpio

As Venus slips into the sign of the Scorpio, she offers us time to appreciate the taboo side of love, the mysterious energy of this transit creates a space for us all to get in touch with our sensual side. We are being invited to dive deep into our psyche by uncovering subliminal desires and unravel pieces of ourselves that are dying to be tapped into and explored.

Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio season also starts inviting us into a space to tap into our resourcefulness making the energy feel richer. The vibe of this time brings our focus to eighth house themes such as intimacy, endings, and shared finances. The power of Scorpio season thins the veil and allows us to connect with the mysterious magic of our supernatural forces to form unbreakable bonds.

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 25 is paired with a rare solar eclipse that only furthers the intensity of this lunation. A solar eclipse takes place when the New Moon passes between the Sun and the earth, creating a spiritual power outage. Solar eclipses correspond with new beginnings and unexpected opportunities making you feel wildly off-center or crystal clear. We are entering a period where when doors shut, new ones open, bringing to light that we need more than what we are currently receiving. Expect the unexpected, create boundaries, and wait for the dust to settle before you act on any eclipse fueled impulses.

Mercury enters Scorpio

Mercury rules communication, this transit is offering us a gift to rely more on our intuition and read between the lines rather than taking things at face value. The key to passing the tests that this transit is to have a measure of control in your communication, to respond versus react and to not share everything. Hey, a little mystery never hurt anyone says Scorpio.

Mars goes Retrograde

Mars the planet of action, aggression, sexuality goes retrograde for the next two-and-half months, explaining why we will start to feel our energy slow down. This will bring a vibe of restlessness, which is why leading with your logic and avoiding drama will be the invitation here. This is a great time to pick up an old hobby or to find a new way to move your body that relieves the tension of this two-faced Gemini transit.

If you’re familiar with your own astrological chart, take a look at what house you have each sign in and that will give you more color as to what to expect from all of these astrological transits.

If you are craving more 1:1 support, book an intuitive clarity reading where you will receive deeper cosmic guidance, messages from your guides and/or ancestors and time to gain clarity for some of your burning questions.

If you're looking for a intimate, group container where you will receive channeled cosmic guidance, tips on how to work with the current astrological transits and embodiment practices, join us for A Safe Space. This is an online offering where we dive deeper into the astrological transits, I offer everyone who RSVP a mini tarot reading and receive the support to co create with the universe and cosmic forces. RSVP here.

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