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Mars in Leo | What This Transit Means for Your Rising Sign

On May 20th Mars the planet of action, agression and passion enters firey, fixed and courageous Leo.

As Mars enters Leo it activates a strong portal: grand cross between Pluto retrograde and Jupiter in Taurus along with the North Node (our destiny) and South Nodes (our karma), bringing up stubborn energy among four planets, two in opposition and two squares.

We might notice stagnant energy along with some frustration.

Don't force.

Now is not the time to force.

Allow the frustrations that arise to be the teachers you were calling in.

Reflect on the challenges presented to you and allow them to be the medicine you seek.

I invite you to look at what your rising sign is offering you during this Mars transit. I channel messages for the rising sign as it points to the house (themes) that this transit is affecting.

If you don't know or have your rising sign you can pull it up for free here.

♈️ Aries Rising

This transit is supporting you in answering your deepest calling.

You are here for a reason. You are being called to bravely pave a path.

This transit will allow you to connect with your highest and deepest calling.

Living a heart and soul lead life requires courage to triumphs over fear.

So often our fears are the gatekeepers to our greatest gifts.

The more resistance we have towards answering the call the more important it is to our souls growth.

Sometimes fear is an indication that we are facing the right way. Think of your fears as opportunities to expand, rather than things that are holding you hostage.

If you look at your fears in this light, then as uncomfortable as it might feel, it’s actually a sign that you are on the right track.

♉️ Taurus Rising

This transit is supporting you in developing the embodiment of belonging.

Your invitation during this transit is to connect with Mother Earth, and create a home for yourself now.

To choose where you feel most at home, and create it rather than waiting for the feeling of belonging to come.

When we are looking outside of ourselves for this feeling, we will continue to feel empty.

The gift for you is the sense of arriving at home within.

You are divinely supported.

♊️ Gemini Rising

Some of the most sacred initiation chambers and temples look scary from the outside but breathtakingly beautiful on the inside.

This analogy represents the journey that you will take during this transit.

You are being tested, initiated because you are headed somewhere sacred. Initiation requires that we cross the threshold from one world or state of being to the next.

We are called to face with scares us, and have to be willing to lose it all in order to get a new way of being, of safety, of security, of depth, of meaning.

If you’re in the middle of an initiation right now, you will get through it and one day soon you will bless the thing that broke down and cracked you open because the world needs you open.

You are going somewhere sacred. It will be worth it.

You are closer than you think.

♋️ Cancer Rising

This transit is supporting you in releasing what is no longer aligned or needs to change.

What in your life is no longer in alignment with who you truly are?

We are cyclical beings, in a constant state of change, of evolution, of growth.

Change is one of the only certainties of life.

When you resist your cyclic nature, you resist life and feel stuck.

You are being called to let go of who you once were or the things that you once defined yourself by- the job, the relationship, and the mask you wore, and to embrace who you truly are now.

Perhaps you have outgrown some relationships or circumstances, and it is time to reassess and bring all the parts of your life into alignment so they are congruent with who you truly are today.

♌️ Leo Rising

This transit is supporting you in receiving the deep replenishment you crave. It is supporting you in the retreat, the rest, and the energy to be held.

The most selfless thing you can do is to fill up your own inner well.

Nothing can grow in baren lands. You are no good to anyone if you are running on empty. Tend to your own well and watch as the amount you have to give multiplies.

What nourishes you is your medicine. When you give yourself the medicine that you need to be nourished all those around you receive the nourishment, for there is more than enough to go around.

♍️ Virgo Rising

This transit is supporting you and recognizing that you are the Oracle. You are spirit. You are source.

You are heaven and earth, in perfect expression. A conduit for the light of the heavens to the Earth.

You are the rainbow bridge.

Take time to meditate.

Imagine yourself as a pillar of light, connecting the light of the heavens above with earth. As a light shines through each of your chakras, you activate the rainbow bridge many scripture speak about.

♎️ Libra Rising

This transit is supporting you to step up and lead.

You don’t need to have it all together to lead. In fact, it helps if you don’t. No one wants a perfect angel who hasn’t made any mistakes. Let your life for your message.

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your story.

It is by hearing someone else’s journey that we feel less alone. We realize that we’re actually all in this thing called life together. The difference between a follower and a leader is that a leader has the courage to go first.

You are being presented with the space to go first. In stepping out, you’re shining a light on the path for others to venture forward. Don’t get caught up on trying to figure out who is your tribe.

Don’t get stuck in age, income, hobbies, or occupation.

The best way to discover your tribe is to look in the mirror.

You are your tribe.

They are you.

Your Tribe is waiting for you.

Step forward so they can find you.

♏️ Scorpio Rising

This transit is supporting you in connecting with the niggling feeling you ignore time and time again.

We all have that annoying feeling. The inconvenient feeling. Try as you might it’s there.

And it ain’t going anywhere.

Most people spend years ignoring this feeling. Throwing their best dollops of stubbornness, ego, and post rationalization to numb it out. It’s exhausting. Until you face the feeling life just throws you more bait to awaken it.

To draw your attention to the light within you that is bursting to come out.

You are being called to face the feeling now.

If you don’t face it, the universe will throw something much bigger and more obvious in your path. And then you would likely regret that you didn’t answer the feeling in the first place.

We know it’s scary, you are safe to go forward.

Answer the feeling now.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising

Things are changing at the cellular level. This transit is supporting you in transforming out of who you were where trauma was thr driving force and supporting you in a new way of being.

You are not who you were a year ago or who you will soon be. You are an in between. Emerging, half risen, half falling.

Keep doing the work, you are transforming.

You will look back at this time with off. So much is happening in your inner world and within yourselves. It is time to release old ways of being that I have kept you in fight or flight or freeze mode.

Old childhood patterns are rising to be healed. As you allow yourself to observe them and feel them without attachment, they lose their power and fall away. You’re being called to find new ways to self soothe.

You may need to review your relationship with your body, perhaps even shifting your diet or exercise regimen or getting energetics healing support.

You may also need to consider some kind of an emotional support, as issues from your childhood may come up to be healed.

You are deeply loved and supported.

♑️ Capricorn Rising

This transit is supporting you and calling back your power, cutting cords, and calling back parts of yourselves that you have left behind.

You are being called to protect your energy and call back your power.

May all the lost pieces return home now.

Take a look at who and what drains your energy. Do not keep your tabs open.

Shut down energetically each night. Energy to court or form between people, places, objects, and events, so it’s important to keep checking in.

Your energy and energetics base are sacred, so treat them as such.

Keeping your energy clear takes work.

As we go through life, we can give away our power, so it is important that we call it back by cutting energetics cords.

Can you think of a traumatic event, relationship, or soul memory that you’re being called to call back your power from?

Check into your body and see which chakras (energy centers) feels like they needs a bit of an energetic cleaned up.

♒️ Aquarius Rising

This transit is supporting you in releasinfo what you are clinging onto that is no longer serving you.

There is a shift happening right now, where anything inauthentic can no longer survive.

Relationships, jobs, social structures, anything built on shaky ground, is destined to tumble down.

It’s happening to bring you back home to who you truly are so you can live a life that is an alignment with who you truly are on a soul level.

When you’re in the thick of it, it can feel like a personal attack from the universe.

Ground in to faith because the difficult times will be your defining moments. You will be reborn in the fire.

You have what it takes to allow what is falling away to tumble and fall.

Once the tower has crumbled, you will be able to rebuild your home on solid ground with a strong foundation and a view that is so magnificent that it will take your breath away.

♓️ Pisces Rising

This transit is supporting you in sharing your voice, expressing and coming out of the cave.

You were being called to share your voice, perhaps, by speaking up in a relationship, or with writing, speaking, singing, or some other form of creative expression.

We each hold the truth deep within us that longs to be expressed. When you share your voice, you unlock something in the universe and call a missing piece of you home.

Your individual voice is the most powerful sound current on the planet. If you have kept your souls, voice silenced or held back, chanting, or singing, could be truly life-changing for you during this transit.

As we shed the layers of our personality and start letting our unique soul speak through us, we discover that we actually have a very clear message that longs to be shared and witnessed. The more we speak, the clearer it gets.

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