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Mars in Cancer Transit

I love looking at how each planet brings different medicines into our lives.

When we start to look at the blueprint being presented to us by the cosmos we can work with the energy versus feel attacked by it.

Mars the ruler of Aries, a warrior, a planet that rules out motivation, how we take action, our desire,

I like to think of Mars as the primal warrior within all of us. Our primal instincts.

Think of Mars as the energy that pushes you out of bed.

Mars also rules our temper, how we express our anger, and frustration.

Mars after hanging out in Gemini for the last 7ish months has made its way to nurturing - Cancer.

The shift from Gemini to Cancer is strong, we go from air to water, from the crown to the heart.

While Mars makes its way through Cancer, it's looking at our familiar patterns and habits that arise when there is urgency. The urge to speed through and bypass what arises, will be brought up to the surface so that we can learn to sink in versus speed up.

From March 25th to May 20th we get to explore the themes and gifts brought uniquely to us.

I like to do a rising reading to bring to light what area of your chart is going to be impacted during this transit.

As a Sagittarius Rising (and because I use whole signs when reading a birth chart) mars is transiting my 8th house, layering the reading below adds more depth.

Not sure what your rising sign is?

You can get a free birth chart at Astro, you need your birth time, date and place.

Don't know your birth time? Or don't have access to it? Connect with your higher self: and ask what rising sign you have.

Or book a reading

♈️ Aries Rising Reading

If you ever feel unprepared by the path that is calling you know this, you have been training for this for lifetimes. You are way more than the days that you have walked this earth in this life. You’re also all of the lifetimes that came before. All of these experiences have polished your soul into the most magnificent expression that is your authentic self.

You came in with a clear so plan. You came in with wisdom beyond your years. This is the part of you that long to be seen. This is a part of you that is ready to step forward. That is ready to emerge. This is not the lifetime to stay hidden, but the step fourth, be seen and rise.

Connect with your heart and called for the soul, gifts and soul training that you have received throughout all of your lifetimes. Share that you are ready to embody them all now without hesitation, and without fear. Remember, you have been training for this for life times.

♉️Taurus Rising Reading

You are heaven and earth, in perfect expression. You are a conduit for the light of the heavens to the earth. You are the Oracle. Do not look for guidance outside of yourself, for you hold all of the wisdom of the entire universe in the portal of your heart. Every cell of your body knows this. Do not see the angels and guides as above you for without you they have no way of communicating. You are the Oracle. You are the rainbow bridge.

♊️ Gemini Rising Reading

Life is always moving. If you resist this ever-changing flow, your energy will become stagnant, and you will fall out of flow with the universe. The universe has a mysterious, intelligent force, and natural rhythmic beat, which governs all of life. What are the best ways to shift your energy, frequency, and vibration is to put on some music and dance along with it. When we dance unrestrained, our spirit takes over.

Get unstuck by doing something that ships your vibration. If dancing, isn’t your thing, they simply do something that you would not usually due to shift the energy. You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. You cannot attract a different experience without changing your energy first. It’s time to shift things up, and find a way to dance along with a beat of life.

♋️ Cancer Rising Reading

The universe is conspiring. If you knew you would be supported, what would you do?

Most people don’t follow the highest call of the soul because they are waiting to see the end destination before they take the first step. If you take one baby step each day within a year you will have taken 365 steps in your dedicated direction. If you want to write a book, write a page every day. If you want to change careers, do one thing every day in dedication to that. Before you know it and just a year from now you will turn back and look at all I have for you have journey. Things are not going to work out the way you were planning, but if you have a little faith and keeps showing up, they will work out even better than you could possibly imagine. Don’t micromanage the universe, trust your path, and let your soul lead the way.

♌️Leo Rising Reading

You are being called to protect your energy and call back your power. May all the last pieces return home. Take a look at who and what drains your energy. Do not keep your tabs open. Shut down energetically each night. Energetics quarter for between people, places, objects, and defense, so it’s important to keep checking in. Your energy and energetics base or secret, so treat them as such.

♍️ Virgo Rising Reading

You are being called to heal your family line and free yourself from living the life of your ancestors. This could be letting go of an old pattern of your maternal or paternal lied. Healing trauma from the past that is not even yours, or observing old ways of being that no longer serve you.

♎️ Libra Rising Reading

Pause. Wait. Postponed. Say no.

You are being called to either pause or say no. Say yes to something that is it 100% in alignment with you will drain your energy and your time. Hold out for a congruent aligned 100% yes

♏️ Scorpio Rising Reading

We all have free will, there are also points on the timeline of our lives that are pre-destined or preplanned: soul contracts, or agreements that were made before reincarnating. It could be a company you chose to work for, a relationship you plan to have, or a person you agreed to mentor or help. Whatever it is, know that this is divinely guided. It will not bypass you. If you’re waiting for a sign to proceed, this is it.

It is time to call in the support of your helpers, both in the physical realm and spiritual world. To trust the signs coming. To take note of your dreams. To notice any feelings or visions that you receive, but you are tapping into the wisdom of the a Akashic, and you were being given the go ahead to proceed.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising Reading

Often our path is exactly the one that we don’t feel prepared to walk. Walk it anyway.

Often what is rising, feels far bigger than we could possibly hold. Be a container for it anyway.

Often our creation seem to have a wild, uncontrollable consciousness of their own. Birth it anyway.

Often what is ours to do is the very thing that most intimidates us.  Just do it anyway.

You are birthing a new age.

Right now you’re in a transitional period between ages.

♑️ Capricorn Rising Reading

Can you think of a traumatic event, relationship, or soul memory that you were being called to reclaim your power from?

Often in these traumatic experiences a part of us is left behind.

Check into your body now and see which chakra feels like it needs a bit of an energy to clean up.

♒️ Aquarius Rising Reading

Say YES.

Say yes to life.

Say yes to the opportunities being presented to you.

♓️ Pisces Rising Reading

That giggling feeling. That annoying, niggling feeling. The inconvenient, annoying, niggling feeling. Try as you might it’s there. You are being called to fees that they go. If you don’t face it, the universe will throw something much bigger and more obvious in your path. And then you will likely regret that you didn’t answer the niggle in the first place. I know it’s scary, but you are safe. Answer the niggle now.

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