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July Astrological Transits & Reflections


July 5th: Mars enters Taurus

July 5th: Mercury enters Cancer

July 7th: USA Pluto Return is Exact (the second of of the year)

July 13th: Full Moon in Capricorn

July 17th: Venus enters Cancer

July 19th: Mercury enters Leo

July 19th: Chiron goes retrograde in Aries

July 22nd: Sun enters Leo

July 28th: New Moon in Leo

July 28th:Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries

July 31st: Uranus conduct North Node in Taurus

Mars in Taurus Mars in Taurus can mean bringing more energy on long term goals versus short term ones, Taurus is a fixed sign, stubborn, set in their ways, bringing passionate Mars into the mix, this combination can help us make small but steady steps towards something meaningful. Asking you to slow down. Mars is uncomfortable in this placement, notice if this brings up resistance for you. Or if you feel more comfortable with the slowing down sweetness of life.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury the planet that rules our thoughts, ideas and the way we communicate with others has entered intuitive, emotional ad loving Cancer. While Mercury is the planet of the mind, Cancer is all about the feeling, the experience. We are being asked to step into vulnerable waters, this placement encourages us to find greater understanding in ourselves and our relationships. The mind and the heart are coming together during this transit, bringing opportunities for greater ability to process and express our feelings.

USA Pluto Return

Pluto is the planet of transformation, destroying in order to rebuild, bringing up themes or related characteristic from the prior cycle

The cosmos are gifting us a chance to revisit and learn from the planets prior visit acquiring a new perceptive on self and collective

Full Moon in Capricorn

This month the full moon falls in grounded, always looking to climb the mountain, Capricorn. The sea goat is here to ask us to take responsibility for our lives and the direction they are traveling in, if we don’t feel fulfilled, where are we spending our time and energy on that isn’t nourishing us. This full moon beckons us to take charge and own up to any of our self sabotaging actions which brought us here.

Venus in Cancer Venus leaving playful Gemini and entering nurturing Cancer creates the opportunity to observe our relationship as if they are being reflected back to us on the still surface of a mountain lake. What are your relationships mirroring back to you?

Mercury in Leo

Mercury leaves Cancer and enters fiery Leo, asking us to use our voice in a creative and expressive way that allows us to feel heard and seen. Leo wants the attention! Be prepared to say what you mean and mean what you say!

Sun in Leo

Sun enter Leo after hanging out for the last month in watery, get in touch with your feelings Cancer. This shift from water to fire will be felt, depending on what elements you feel more comfortable with and what elements you resist.

New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo with a supportive hug from Jupiter in Aries, allowing us to tap into our inner fire on a more supportive level. This New Moon occurs the same day that our planet of expansion and luck goes retrograde until November 23rd. Focus on feeding the inner fire where it needs versus being consumed by it. Sit with what you are seeking versus taking immediate action. This is a magical time to planet seeds not to look at what has or has not bloomed.

Jupiter Retrograde in Aries Jupiter retrograde in Aries is one of the most significant transits of the year, creating a major change of pace. The message here is really can we become one with the universe. While Jupiter is in retrograde in Aries notice where are you second guessing yourself, where are you not trusting your inner voice and holding back from taking action or making designs. Choosing/ connecting with the aligned path isn't something that we see right away, it takes time for the path to reveal itself to us. Aries is impulsive and rash, noticing when these tendencies pop up.

Mercury in Leo is opposing Saturn in Aquarius

Mercury rules our thoughts, our mind, technology, communication and travel. Saturn is our karma grandfather, pushing us past our comfort zone so we may grow and connect with what we reincarnated for. Themes that will present themselves during this time, issues with communication, from an inability to share our wisdom in a grounded way to not feeling heard, feeling misunderstood, frustration around being heard and taken seriously. Themes of feeling of not enough or of feeling too much.

Uranus conduct North Node in Taurus

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, the cosmic god that loves to surprise us with chaos, liberation, awakenings, fast moving changes, unexpected advancements and opportunities.

Our North Node is our north star, it is connected to what we reincarnated for in this lifetime. Our North Node directs us to our destiny, the potential we're being asked to step into and embody.

If you’re familiar with your own astrological chart, take a look at what house you have each sign in and that will give you more color to what to expect from all of these astrological transits.

If you are craving more 1:1 support, book an intuitive clarity reading where you will receive deeper cosmic guidance, messages from your guides and/or ancestors and time to gain clarity for some of your burning questions.

If you're looking for a intimate, group container where you will receive channeled cosmic guidance, tips on how to work with the current astrological transits and embodiment practices, join us for A Safe Space. This is an online offering where we dive deeper into the astrological transits, I offer everyone who RSVP a mini tarot reading and receive the support to co create with the universe and cosmic forces. RSVP here.

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