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Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 2023 Reading

Learn more about what this full moon + lunar eclipse means for your rising sign and how it will affect you.

On Friday May 5th we were graced with potent energy to assist in the release process.

Curious on how you can work with the energy?

Check to see what your rising sign has for you!

♈️ Aries Rising

This full moon is asking you to find that place of inner harmony that allows you to move through any challenges with poise

and grace.

Your ability to adapt to changing circumstances, will make you sure footed, even in the most tempestuous of times.

Seek tranquility

♉️Taurus Rising

You can trust the inclinations that draw you towards your beloved. Your heart is in safekeeping.

Look for the cause of the blockage is it fear? Memories? Jealousy? Old attachment that are still influencing present choices.

♊️ Gemini Rising

Taking aggressive action in the situation, may bring you what you want, but it could be at the expense of others. Don’t lose sight of basic kindness and consideration in the pursuit of your goals. Your heart must be engaged as well as your mind.

♋️ Cancer Rising

Problems that seem insurmountable alone become manageable and enjoyable, when you work together. Think about how your project could benefit from teamwork. Apply creative cooperation towards a common goal.

♌️ Leo Rising

Creative opportunities are available to you know, as well as the energy and willpower to take advantage of them. If you are considering a new endeavor, the time is right. Enthusiasm will carry you forward if you pursue the things that passionately interested.

♍️ Virgo Rising

The fear that overtakes you are just that: fears. They may have no connection to reality, and it is only when you are feeling vulnerable that you believe in them. Don’t get caught up in a nightmare vision of your life. Wake up and put things back in perspective

♎️ Libra Rising

Your invitation during this full moon is to be fully present exactly where you are, right now. Ask yourself what would make you happy, and then welcome the opportunities that follow. Your nose will lead you towards your bliss if you let it. Open your eyes to beauty. Awaken your spirit to wonder.

♏️ Scorpio Rising

Hold on to the practices that you know are sustainable. Use your power wisely for the benefit of those in your care. If you are the one in need of support, make sure those you asked for help are worthy of your trust. In either case set firm boundaries. Don’t give your own power away.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising

You have earned your place in the sun. Claim your right to retreat into the solitude of contentment. Being on your own to contemplate beauty is a kind of prosperity that feeds the soul. Not everything is meant to be shared even with loved ones. Deep happiness awaits you in the wild garden of the spirit

♑️ Capricorn Rising

Seek the support of your clan, whether it’s your own blood family, or those who are kindred to you through affinity of heart and mind.

The power of the family is that each individual is valued and excepted while strengthening the hole as well. This unity expands to include others. Welcome, dear ones into the circle of your love.

♒️Aquarius Rising

If a leadership role is offered to you, accept it with grace and gratitude. This is a chance for you to use your gifts to the fullest, and you’ve earned it. Accept the responsibilities that come with personal achievement. Let your example inspire others to greatness as well.

♓️ Pisces Rising

Stay still, and get your bearings before you take any action. This may require patience, but it will be worth it. Dashing off to pursue vague inclination will not lead to anything. Gather more information, pay attention to details, and trust your instincts to tell you the safe and successful course of action.

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