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2022 December Astrological Transits


Neptune goes direct in Pisces

Neptune the planet of dreams, delusion, mysticism, escape, idealism and spirituality has officially ended its retrograde and has gone direct in Pisces where's its been since 2012 and will continue until 2025.

Neptune is inspired, dreamy, emotive, and ethereal and so is Pisces, amplifying the energy. Neptune is considered the modern ruler of Pisces while the traditional ruler is Jupiter, who happens to have similar qualities when navigating through Pisces mystical waters.

The fog will feel like a it's settling, clarity will start to arrive. Look at where your have Pisces in your birth chart and that will give more detail as to what this transit will offer you.

For example if you have a Sagittarius rising you want to look at your 4th house: home and inner child are the themes here: where have you been craving clarity, where having you been escaping to avoid certain feelings are home and inner child wounds.


Mercury enters Capricorn

Mercury the planet of communication, rules the mind, technology and influences the way we speak and process information has entered grounded, climb the mountain Capricorn.

Capricorn is one of the most conservative signs, bringing an air of this to our communication. While Mercury transits through Capricorn we are being asked to link up with our logical, rational ways when communicating. The is great foundation for setting goals for the new year and feeling more grounded, efficient energy to meet your goals.

This is a great time to build on ideas that Capricorn in Sagittarius planted, now is the time to climb the mountain and get things going.

A thing to note: Capricorn wants to think mybay is the best way - allowing room for flexibility will provide more ease during this transit.


Full Moon in Gemini

The last full moon of the years happens to fall on curious, social and airy Gemini! This final moon is activating your Gemini placement where we happen to have mars going retrograde, amplifying the energy.

Gemini the planet of connection, creativity, desires integration: gifting us a moment to reflect by on the year, and integrate the lessons we've picked up.


Venus enters Capricorn

Venus the planet of love, desire, pleasure, luck, vision and expansion is in conservative, goal oriented Capricorn.

Venus rules what we value and hold to sentiment.

The gift with this transit is to put the effort needed so we can get our needs met, get the love and affection

Capricorn wants to earn everything, love must be earned during this transit.

When Venus moves into hardworking Capricorn, we are being invited to take a hard stance on romance. Love must be earned, Capricorn wants to earn everything, and will reward whatever is worked hard for. Time to focus on your long term desires versus the short term.


Ceres enters Libra

Ceres, an asteroid represents the process of nurturing and how we mother ourselves. Ceres recognizes the paradox roles we inhabit as both our own parent and child. Ceres transits teach us where we easily provide nurturance and care to ourselves and what we need to feel our best physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Libra wants beauty and harmony. While Ceres visits Libra the way we express nurturing is going to be through beauty, we are going to notice the little things people do for us and what we can do form them. Harmony between mothering self and the group will be the challenge here.


Jupiter enters Aries

Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, and abundance. Jupiter expands; while in firey, go after it Aries the expansion is around courage, our inner awareness and our opinions.

This Jupiter transit is going to allow us to tap into the good future by embracing Aries energy through initiating, inspiring others, leading and demonstrating courage. This transit will inspires us to act and feel bolder, taking the risk to get what we want.

Caution to not get impatient and start bleeding to Aries shadow aspects.


Capricorn Season: sun enters Capricorn

Capricorn season is here during this transit we can expect for everyday practicalities to take on a new significance, the importance of our career and working life will also be top priority. Remember Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so it loves to feel accomplished and mark things off the to do list. Looking at which house we have Capricorn will gives ur direction on where we want to put our energy in.

If you have a Sagittarius rising than you have this transit in your second house the focus will be on finances and possessions.


New Moon in Capricorn

New Moons are a time of rebirth and planting seeds. During this magical evening you while the sky is dark you want to set intentions for the next 6 months - when the full moon in Capricorn occurs.

This is a good time to commit to your goals, don't wait until the new year, commit to what you're wanting to bring in. Capricorn loves to climb the mountain and having a challenge will motivate you more! Remember slow and sturdy wins the race - no need to go from zero to one hundred.

Focus on concrete ways of attaining your goals. Make commitments and take responsibility for your actions, weather you show up or not.

Nurture your dreams with realistic, logical actionable steps.

Jupiter Semi Square Uranus

During this transit the energy can have us feeling a little restless, with an impatience to grow, improve, and innovate, but not necessarily focused. It can feem scattered and a little chaotic. It's important to ground during this transit and respond from the root chakra and not the head.

We can find it difficult to find common ground or find it challenitn to agree with others. Flexibility is the key. We need to be willing to make changes in our lives now, or change will come and it won't show up with flowers. Embracing the unknown and change is the lesson here.


Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn

When mercury goes retrograde there's an energy that we're presented with to really take a step back and respond versus react - time when misunderstandings and mishaps are common, offering yourself a moment to pause will allow this transit to be more of a teacher versus a struggle.

Things associated with Mercury: conversations, negotiations, technology, travel, tend to be shaken up.

When Mercury retrogrades through Capricorn, it targets the areas of life Capricorn rules: our careers, ambitions, and public status. Notice that you may experience setbacks in work, clash with authority, or suffer a blow to your image: how you respond is the real gift! This is a great time to look at what areas of your career, public life and goals are aligned with your soul and while are aligned with ego. Release what is aligned with ego, to create space for what the soul wants.

We are ending the year with the following planets in retrograde:

Uranus retrograde in Taurus

Mars retrograde in Gemini

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

Craving more 1:1 support and wondering how these transits are affecting you specifically? Email me at I'm taking on 1:1 clients for astrological readings or book a connection call here!

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