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Are You Waiting For Others To Fulfill Your Needs?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Are you posting to feel seen?

Or heard? Or because you want attention?

For a long time I was looking for others to fulfill my needs.

I had been living in the, find your person: the person that completes you. Look for your other half.

Please don’t find someone that fulfills you, completes you and is your other half.

When we are relying on externals to fulfill us and keep our cups filled and happy we are constantly on edge and waiting for the next like, text, comment (insert whatever).

I would expect every friend I had to balance me out. I would expect partnerships to fulfill memories and experiences.

I realized at the beginning of COVID that I needed to find a way to fulfill my own needs and not put that on to others.

We think, once I’m here I’ll do this.

Once I have a boyfriend or girlfriend I’ll travel.

Or I’ll read more once I finish this project.

Nah if we don’t do it now, we won’t do it later.

I am working on patience.

I’m allowing myself to take up space and be seen.

I am safe to speak up and use my voice.

I am safe being me.

I invite you all to notice and ask yourself next time you catch yourself picking up the phone, am I looking for something to make me feel seen and heard or am I looking for connection?

If the answer is connection, then continue on.

If you notice you are looking for externals to give you what you need, then take notice and see how you can incorporate this into your own life.

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