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The Journey Within

Join us every Tuesday for a new episode

Being the true Gemini that I am, I have always been intrigued as to what drives people to make the choices and decisions that they make. 

Join me each Tuesday we we sit down with different healers, story tellers and vision holders and they walks us through their journey within. Their dark night of the soul experience, how they created lightness out of dark and manifested magic into their life. 


Anna Joy Sullivan

Anna Joy Sullivan is the magical soul behind The Queer Witch, where Anna Joy holds space for other members of the witchcraft community and allowing visibility for trans, nonbinary and queer members. As a young child Anna Joy was always entraining people with theatrics. Raised Cristian in a variety of denomination from Catholic to Protestant, attending Jesus Camp during the summers in elementary school. That introduction to spirituality was a bit traumatic and produced a lot of shame and guilt. At age 11 Anna Joy decided that Jesus was make believe friend for lonely and scared adults. Anna Joy denounced Christianity and become agnostic for many years during this time exploring different religions, finding a strong pull and connection towards, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Celtic Mysticism. Around 2014 like many millennials, Anna Joy became fascinated with the Occult, mainly in the form of crystals, tarot imagery and wittiness that had become so trendy at the time. Anna Joy googled ‘paganism’ and was shocked by how exactly pagan beliefs aligned with the beliefs Anna Joy thought had gotten out of thin air. Today Anna Joy is a profession tarot reader, reiki master teacher and spiritual coach for a growing group of clients. Anna Joy has been able to develop a very loving relationship with Jesus and Mother Mary that is wholesome and shame free.


Jazmin Hupp

Today on The Journey Within we are joined by Jazmin Hupp author of The Inside Guide. In 2014 Jazmin co-founded Women Grow, was named ‘genius entrepreneur” by Fortune Magazine and Forbes considered her one of the ‘top businesswomen’ in the cannabis industry. Jazmin was on the cover of fancy magazines, traveling the world, advocating for cannabis, having finally reached her entrepreneurial goals. She soon realized that these goals were set by society standards and external validation. She decided to pass Women Grow to a more diverse leadership team and take three years to go inward and dive deeper in search for her truth. From 2017-2020, Jazmin explored psychedelic experiences, mediation and kundalini yoga to heal her body, mind and spirit. Loosing 50 pounds in the process without dieting, doubling her income while working half the hours she previously did, Jazmin began to explore unity consciousness. Jazmin’s calls herself a second generation hippy, dives deeper into her childhood and how that presented a beautiful foundation for her to later explore.

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Becca Williams

On today’s episode of The Journey Within we are joined by Becca Williams is an emotions therapist and educator who specializes in cannabis-assisted emotional & trauma recovery. Her practice integrates ancient healing modalities that utilize expressive movement and breath work techniques with the judicious use of cannabis. Becca is a registered dietitian/nutritionist, a certified Emotional Liberation® facilitator and a long-time cannabis advocate and activist. On this episode Becca talks about her traumatic childhood with an alcoholic parent, how that created a sense of fear and distrust that continued into adulthood. How she found cannabis in college through a boyfriend and relief from the anxiety that overwhelmed her life. Becca talks about how a psychic lead her to fling herself to where she is now.

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Gina Dubbe and Dr. Leslie Apgar -Greenhouse Wellness

On today’s episode of The Journey Within we have best friend duo, Gina Dubbe and Dr. Leslie Apgar joining us all the way from Maryland sharing their journey within, what inspired them to open a medical dispensary, the setbacks they have faced and how integrity is woven into every single part of their business and personal lives. On the surface these two best friends, who are mothers living in the suburbs don’t seem like the obvious candidate to start a cannabis business, they’re experience says otherwise. Gina a successful serial, entrepreneur and venture capitalist and Leslie a practicing OBGYN who also owned a medical spa. Despite their professional track records, they incurred more than a few raised eyebrows when they opened their medical dispensary back in 2017. What they envisioned was different than what was available in the scene, they wanted a bright, clean and clinical space, staffed with nurses, medical professionals and doctors educating patients about the science of cannabis and safe consumption methods. This vision was inspired by Dr. Leslie’s near 20 year career in traditional medicine, observing the limitations and injustices of the healthcare system. Despite some well intentioned warnings about their approach, they opened their dispensary and are proud to say that it continues to flourish as they treat those who are suffering and feeling hopeless.

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Michelle Reinglass Co Author of Women Who Empower

On today’s episode of The Journey Within we have Author and Meditator Michelle A. Reinglass joining us and sharing her unique path that lead her to coauthor her first book, write her her second book all about balance and how she has been able to transform her life based on the dark night of the soul experiences she’s had.

The episode kicks off as Michelle and I share how we met back in 2019 in a spiritual business course lead by coach Jessica Page, we switch gears and go back to Michelle’s childhood.

Michelle is the oldest of three sisters, she started off wanting to be a math teacher and then in a night class she was taking with a former flame discovery her passion for law. Michelle finished law school in 3 1/2 years and shares the struggles she faced as women, standing her truth and not settling. Michelle than shares with us how a conference planted a seed and before she knew it she was on the path of writing her first book and last year in 2020 when she was approached to co author a women empowerment book, she put her own book on pause to collaborate on this wonderful opportunity.

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Lisa Levine - Author  Life & Health Coach

On today’s episode of The Journey Within I am joined by author, certified life and health coach based in Seattle and the owner of Audacious Health & Wellness -Lisa Levine! 

Lisa who attend NYU film school back in the mid 80’s talks all about her obsession with music. Meeting her husband in a concert in Hawaii and then looking back at how she manifested him and how a few years earlier a psychic had told her she would meet her husband and move somewhere with lots of trees. 

Lisa specializes in helping women navigate their way through the different life transitions we face and any moments of stickiness where we feel disconnected from our passion and purpose. She studied Life coaching at the Martha Beck Institute where she was able to apply everything she learned to her own healing journey and beyond that serve the collective. 

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Mark Stephens - Master Hypnotherapist

 From the age of eight Mark has been using meditation to help control his serve asthma attacks, throughout his teenage years and his twenties he studied meditation under Chinese teachers, Japanese masters and Tibetan monks. A ju-jutsu black belt, best-selling author and leading hypnotherapist, in 1990 Mark was diagnosed with second stage lymphoma and 6 months to live. 

Mark used a wide variety of eastern healing methods and complimentary treatments which he combined with the best of western medicine to overcome his health challenges. 

On today's episode we talk all about Mark's upbringing, how he started meditating at eight and the later at 17 began his martial arts training. We talk about his scare with cancer and how we was able to beat it. Mark shares a few hypnotherapy tips with us and invites us to check out his app for free mediation

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Gabrielle Ortega - Om Therapy Coaching

At a young age, trauma began to shape the way Gaby saw herself and the world around her, and continued to do so into her twenties. It made her a person she couldn’t recognize and someone she didn’t like. Her trauma took many forms, emotional abuse during her early childhood, witnessing the devastating 9/11 attacks firsthand; severe bullying throughout her childhood; teenage years and multiple sexual assaults during college and a car accident that nearly took her life. 

Her journey towards integration and healing hasn’t been easy or linear, there have been many times throughout her own process that the darkness has come back and felt too strong.  Today she holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, she is a certified holistic life coach, trauma healer and mindfulness based stress reduction teacher. 

On this episode we talk all about Gaby's upbringing, how she was able to heal from her sexual assaults in college, how her dad's mental illness affected her upbringing and the type of relationship they now share. This episode is incredibly expansive if you have had parents who struggled with mental health conditions, if you have struggled with trauma, depression and anxiety. 


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Jessica Bates

Today’s guest is Jessica Bates, founder of Moon Mother hemp from Louisville, Colorado. Jessica has been in and out of the cannabis and hemp industry for most of her adult life and has been a practicing herbalist since she was 26. She developed her first line of products using medical and therapeutic herbs, when a client of hers started to ask abut CBD and incorporating them into her herbal products she reluctantly agreed, despite her family connections to cannabis. 
In 2018 Jessica encouraged her cannabis growing husband to invest in hemp farming and her CBD line, Moon Mother Hemp.


Lynnea Tai - DarcMoon

DarcMoon was founded on the relationships and connections that Lynnea could create with people through something she created with her hands. Lynnea talks talks her journey with DarcMoon, how it all began after graduating college where she studied Apparel Merchandising & Business Marketing, and skipped on finding a career for traveling Europe and Asia. This is a special episode, where I get to interview my longtime friend and mentor, I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed filming. 
This episode will be expansive for you if you are a business owner, creative, someone struggling with imposter syndrome and more. 


Dr. Krishina Bhatta

 Dr. Krishina Bhatta is the originator of intermittence silence movement, creator of Relaxx, author, surgeon, inventor and currently he’s serving as chief of urology at Eastern Maine Medical Center. 


Bernadette Pleasant

Bernadette has spent a lifetime exploring creative visualizations and celebrations of human form, from sensual dance to somatic healing. She channels her personal journeys and her radical empath into transformative, immersive experiences that empower and celebrate people of all genders, ages, sizes and fitness levels.

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